Police suspect children deliberately lit two CQ fires

AUTHORITIES suspect two separate grass fires at Emerald at the weekend were deliberately lit by children.

Emerald Fire Service Acting Area Commander Clive Weeks said crews were called to two fires within an hour of each other near Amber St, Emerald.

Fire crews were called to the first incident about 3.20pm on Sunday, July 12. They had it under control quickly and left the site about 3.40pm.

Mr Weeks said they received another call about 4.20pm about a fire at the same location.

While there is always the possibility of the initial fire reigniting, Mr Weeks said that likely wasn't the case, "it was definitely a separate fire".

He said they weren't major fires and were burning in the parkland along the river.

"They weren't too big but the potential is always there for it to get bigger," he said.

"But (crews) were able to keep them under control."

Police say there was no damage to any nearby properties although they are investigating the causes, with the possibility of both fires being deliberately started by children in the area.