BIG SETBACK: Nonie Heumiller's car was damaged after her 18th birthday party at Cawarral.
BIG SETBACK: Nonie Heumiller's car was damaged after her 18th birthday party at Cawarral. Nonie Heumiller

Police urge vigilance after two cars vandalised

FRIENDS and family came together on Saturday to celebrate Nonie Heumiller's 18th birthday at Cawarral cricket grounds, but on Sunday morning her joyous occasion turned sour.

Ms Heumiller had decided to leave her car - purchased only this year - at the sports grounds. The next morning she found her car smashed up by vandals.

The front windscreen was shattered and passenger- side window destroyed.

There was glass all through the car, a mirror was left hanging, there was a large dent in a back door and dents and scratches on the bonnet.

Ms Heumiller had left cash on the floor of the car but that wasn't touched.

She said it was another case of mindless vandalism with no other motive than to cause damage.

"Obviously I was upset. I called the police and insurance but I wasn't covered by insurance for vandalism,” Mr Heumiller said.

The 17-year-old - who turns 18 this week - will be out of pocket for the damage and unable to drive herself to work or university.

"It's really annoying. I can't do anything,” she said.

Another victim of weekend vandalism was Lammermoor man Ryan Shillington, who woke on Sunday morning to find a hole smashed in his car's back window.

An empty spirit bottle had been thrown through the window but the car was otherwise untouched.

Mr Shillington said it would cost him about $400 to replace the glass, not including the window's tinting and the scratches on the roof from the bottle shards.

Yeppoon Acting Senior Sergeant Amanda Warby said the incidents were not believed to be related and police had no suspects or witnesses.

"We ask people to be vigilant, to lock their cars and their houses even when they're home,” Sen-Sgt Warby said.

"Lock the front and back door and use security lights and CCTV if you're able to. Talk to your local member and join community groups for community safety.”

She also encouraged locals to contact their local police station to arrange at-home security audits and to discuss safety measures with residents.

"I would say there's not a spike in vehicle damage, it would happen to be random,” she said.

"Yeppoon is a fairly safe place to live. People just need to be vigilant about personal safety and lock up their property.”