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POLL: Council discuss law change to desex menacing dogs

MENACING dogs might soon be required to be desexed.

An ordinary Rockhampton Regional Council meeting was held yesterday with the top items on the agenda being the amendments of some local animal laws.

The laws were last amended in 2011 and focused mainly on the amalgamation of Rockhampton City, Fitzroy Shire, Mount Morgan Shire and Livingstone Shire Councils in 2008.

Should dogs be desexed after they have been declared 'menacing'?

This poll ended on 07 March 2018.

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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Following a de-amalagation in 2014, several inconsistencies have been been found to be still in force.

Local law no.2 Animal Management was discussed on Tuesday morning in relation to the keeping of animals, control of animals, seizure, impounding or destruction of animals and appeals against destruction orders.

An amendment was brought forward to Councillors that under division three, animals for which desexing is required; menacing dogs are to be desexed.

Cr Ellen Smith voiced her concerns on whether show dogs or small fluffy dogs would be included and if it was "once-off" they were identified as menacing.

It was explained there would be no favouritism and there would be a an appeal process in place.

A public consultation will also be held for the thoughts of Rockhampton region residents.

The local law may also include "an animal of particular species or breed to be desexed" and a subordinate local law may "specify that the requirement for desexing only applies once an animal reaches a certain age."

The number of dogs allowed at one residence was also up for discussion with the consensus being residents with three or more dogs require a multiple dog approval, kennel approval or pet shop approval.

The number does not apply to the keeping of working dogs on an allotment on rural land or in the rural zone.

The same number applies to cats.

The keeping of birds was also contested with more than 20 birds of the same or different species on an allotment with an area less than 801m2

More than 40 birds of the same or different species on an allotment with an area between 801m2 and 2,500m2.