A Cairns man had an incestuous relationship with his stepdaughter then made a strange confession to the girl's mum.
A Cairns man had an incestuous relationship with his stepdaughter then made a strange confession to the girl's mum. MrPants

'Poor soul' - Incestuous dad's love letter to victim's mum


A DEVOUT Christian knew her husband was having sex with her 14-year-old daughter but did nothing more than tell the offender to "pray for his sins" and to joke "You two never learn".

The woman's astounding reaction to the abuse is revealed in court papers related to the man's conviction and appeal application on three counts of incest.

The mother and her now former husband are devout church-goers in Cairns.

The victim - who was 14 when the offending started and around 18 when it ended - did not provide evidence at the man's trial, with the jury relying on letter of confession from the man to the girl's mother as well as his comments to a family friend.

Both the mother and friend gave evidence in Cairns District Court last August, resulting in the jury finding the stepfather guilty on all charges.

He was sentenced to six years in prison with parole eligibility in August 2021.

The man - who cannot be identified to protect the victim - appealed the conviction and sentence in April.

The Queensland Court of Appeal judges noted the case's "unusual" nature in their judgment this week, saying his conviction came about because he confessed to the incestuous affair via letter to his wife.

But the woman already knew what her husband was up to, having caught him having sex with the girl when she was 14 and they were living in Darwin.

The woman saw the man and her daughter together on a bed and ran into the room where she "pulled her (the victim's) hair and dragged her off him" and told the offender 'You need to pray for your sins', the judgment reads.

An hour later, the mother saw her husband kneeling on the floor, praying.

The next day, the mother heard her husband ask her daughter "Do you still love me?".

The girl said "Yes" and the offender asked for a kiss. The mother saw her daughter kiss the man and shook her head, saying to the pair "You two never learn". 

The man's sexual relationship with the teenager continued for about four years, also happening in Cairns after the family moved back to the city.

In May 2016, when the girl had moved out of home the offender texted a message to his wife a photo of the near naked photo of the victim with the message "Here's a photo of your f---ing whore s---".

The message spurred the mother to tell the church pastor about the four years of offending, which the man repeatedly claimed was "consensual".

The Cairns church leader advised her to tell police, which she did. She also told the man to leave their home and ended the relationship.

A couple of days later the man's letter arrived, reading in part: "Just believe me she offered it (sex) to me and made deals. Its on my phone. If you want to know more just ask me when you can. I am not lieing (sic). I have to show the court the evidence of when we started. If she was abused why the hell didn't she tell you huh?"

The man's appeal against conviction and sentence was based on number of grounds including that the trial outcome was a miscarriage of justice and that the jail term was manifestly excessive.

The Court of Appeal disagreed, ruling on Thursday that the conviction must stand and that the six-year jail term remains. - NewsRegional 


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