Banana Shire Council has received an application for a service station and restaurant with a drive-through for the old auto electrics site on Burnett Hwy.
Banana Shire Council has received an application for a service station and restaurant with a drive-through for the old auto electrics site on Burnett Hwy. Gideon Town Planning

Potential plans for new fast food outlet in CQ regional town

BILOELA could be getting fast food outlet as Banana Shire Council has received an application from Liberty Oil for a site on Burnett St.

Liberty Oil Land Pty Ltd bought the buildings land at the old Biloela Auto Electrics site in October last year for $638,000.

They have since applied to Council for a service station and food premise which includes a drive-through and advertising device on the block.

The application has been lodged by Gideon Town Planning.

The subject site is located in an industrial precinct and is surrounded by a mix of businesses including a fuel depot, parkland, major shopping complex, window tinting, tank fabrication, rubbish removal and grain silo.

The primary building has a gross floor area of 464m2 and building height of 4.8m, to be placed on the north eastern corner of the subject site.

Inside this building will be the service station shop, including ancillary retail, food and drink outlet, including drive through service and onsite dining facilities and general amenities.

The development includes two refuelling area to accommodate 16 vehicles at one time and four trucks.

The main vehicle access will be via entry and exit only lanes. The entry will be via a new vehicle crossover in the eastern property corner on the Burnett Hwy and the exit will be on the northern end, directing back onto Burnett Hwy.

A secondary vehicle crossover is proposed in the southern property corner, onto Harris Street. This will be for for deliveries and pickups and heavy vehicles such as B-Doubles and semi-trailers to easily manoeuvre through the site.

The service station will have 16 parking spaces at the bowsers, 10 onsite at the shop front and three in the western corner.

The drive-through would be capable of accommodating 10 vehicles at one time.

The application says the proposed development is estimated to generate an additional 105 trips in the AM peak hour and 78 trips in the PM peak hour.

In total the site overall site can accommodate up to 39 vehicles without obstructing or blocking vehicles from entering or exiting the site or manoeuvring through the site.

An internally illuminated pylon sign, measuring 10m (height) by 2.4m (width), with a total sign face area of 22.94m2 per side is proposed to be centrally located along the Burnett Highway frontage, within the landscape buffer. This would display the fuel prices.

The new service station will be the first Liberty service station as it will join two Caltexs', two Pumas' and a BP.

There is no mention of what the business would be in the restaurant and drive-through.

Banana Shire Council advised on Thursday April 18, the application was still in the assessment process.

Council has requested additional information from the applicant and was waiting on their response.