HIGH SPEED: Dallas Brian John Spillane, 33, was forbidden from ever holding a licence when he was charged with dangerous driving for the fifth time in his life.
HIGH SPEED: Dallas Brian John Spillane, 33, was forbidden from ever holding a licence when he was charged with dangerous driving for the fifth time in his life.

Potentially-deadly driver's licence taken for life, twice

A DRIVER so potentially deadly a court forbade him from ever holding a licence later sped off from police and nearly hit another man.

Dallas Brian Spillane, 33, returned to court and was convicted a fifth time for the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, a 15th time for disqualified driving and a seventh time for failing to stop on police orders.

Crown prosecutor Mel Wilson told the Maroochydore District Court Spillane's driving on January 27 last year added to an "appalling history" which included being caught driving unlicensed seven times, and six times under the influence of liquor.

Judge David Reid remarked it was "extraordinary" that Spillane continued to offend in a way that had seen him behind bars aged 21 and 23, and that put his life and others' at extreme risk.

"It's almost as if he has some disconnect with impulses in the brain.. it's truly bizarre," Judge Reid said.

Ms Wilson told the court Spillane was on a suspended jail sentence for property offences committed in the Rockhampton region in 2016 when police caught him behind the wheel of a sedan at his home in Lake Macdonald, near Cooroy.

He sped off down the nearby and narrow Ringtail Creek Rd.

Ms Wilson told the court he reached about 80km/h where the limit was 60km/h and recommended speed was 20km/h, and almost hit a man as he drove in the opposite direction.

The other driver swerved out of the way and struck at tree with his mirror to avoid a collision as Spillane sped down the middle of the road, and successfully evaded police in pursuit.

He was arrested months later, and returned to jail to serve the remainder of his suspended prison sentence and a further five months awaiting sentence for this driving on January 27.

Ms Wilson said Spillane's latest traffic offences came about nine years after he was absolutely disqualified from driving in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court for a high-speed police chase through Marcoola in March 2009.

On this occasion he reached 135km/h in a 60km/h zone on David Low Way, and later painted his car in an attempt to avoid police detection.

Judge Reid shared the sentencing judge's remarks on that occasion, and today said it was "remarkable" Spillane had not "maimed or killed" anyone.

The court heard in 2007, an unlicensed Spillane sped off when police saw him in a damaged car.

He drove down a suburban street and at a group of 12 people on the street who had come out of a nearby nightclub.

He received two-and-a-half-year jail terms for each of these dangerous operation charges.

Judge Reid said Spillane's latest offences were extremely dangerous and deemed him so "incorrigible" the only option was to put him away for a long time.

Spillane was sentenced to three-years' jail for the dangerous operation, 18 months for repeat disqualified driving, and 18 months for failing to stop on police orders.

All sentences are to be served concurrent and include the five months Spillane had already been in custody awaiting sentence.

Spillane is eligible for parole on January 10, 2020 after serving 14 months.

He was again disqualified absolutely from holding or obtaining a driver's licence.