Coco Pops: a popular breakfast food for children.
Coco Pops: a popular breakfast food for children.

Potentially fatal find in child’s Coco Pops

A MUM was left in shock after claiming she found a potentially lethal pill hiding inside her son's bowl of Coco Pops.

Karlee Tweedie posted a photo of the capsule to Facebook, saying her four-year-old son had found it when he went to eat his morning cereal.

She reportedly bought the box from a Woolworths in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens and was understandably horrified when her son showed her what he had found.

"Everyone with kids who eat coco pops please be careful Alex was eating cereal and at the end we found a capsule in it," Ms Tweedie wrote.

"It has been confirmed the tablet is in fact duromine!"

Duromine is a drug prescribed to reduce the body weight of obese patients. It can have severe side effects and is not approved for children under 12.

Common symptoms include diarrhoea, vomiting, anxiety, headache, frequent urination and sleeplessness.

Ms Tweedie said she contacted Kellogg's and told them about the discovery, with an employee reportedly confirming the drug was Duromine.

However, a spokesperson for the company saidan investigation was still underway and they had arranged for the sample to be collected and tested.

"We're in contact with a consumer who has let us know she found a tablet in her Coco Pops. The health and safety of our consumers is our number one priority, a Kellogg's spokesperson told

"Along with manufacturing based on strict quality standards, we also have policies in place that prohibit employees bringing medications into the plant.

"We are doing a full investigation with our team and are staying in touch with the consumer. Based on the available information, our food on the shelf is safe to eat."