Sparks fly as Minister and Councillor clash over power outages

ENERGY and Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle says Cr David Pahlke's comments about Energex were a cheap shot and absolute rubbish.

Cr Pahlke says rural residents are getting a raw deal from Energex after losing power in storms.

He also accused the electricity distributor of short-changing the area on infrastructure spending.

Mr McArdle said he was "extremely disappointed" at Cr Pahlke's "cheap shot" at Energex crews.

On Monday night 91,000 south-east Queensland homes and businesses lost power, including about 2000 in and around Rosewood.

Mr McArdle said every available Energex crew worked long hours in very difficult conditions to ensure power was restored as quickly as possible.

"It's a credit to Energex workers that more than 1500 customers in Rosewood had their power back within four hours. The vast majority of customers had their electricity restored by midnight," he said.

Mr McArdle said Cr Pahlke's "ignorant comment" that Energex was short-changing the region on infrastructure spending was "absolute rubbish".

Cr Pahlke said Mr McArdle's criticism ignored the issue of parts of the area being without power for longer and poor communication about power cuts from the Energex website and call centre.

"I was not bagging Energex," Cr Pahlke said.

"Quite frankly people are getting sick of people blaming each other. He can accuse me all he likes, I just want some answers."