The assault occurred on March 13 at Stockland Rockhampton Shopping Centre.
The assault occurred on March 13 at Stockland Rockhampton Shopping Centre.

Pregnant mother attacks woman in Stockland carpark

A "PETTY dispute" was all it took to anger a young pregnant woman into bashing another woman in the Stockland Rockhampton carpark earlier this year.

Kristen Louise Carter, 21, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on July 1 to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm.

Police prosecutor Casparus Schoeman said about 10.30am on March 13 the victim was in Stockland Rockhampton Shopping Centre when she saw another person staring at her, who was standing with Carter, and yelled out, "Are you having a staring competition?".

Carter then yelled back, "What did you say to my sister?".

The victim told Carter to "go away" and continued down the escalator towards her car.

When the victim went to close the door of her car, Carter grabbed hold of the door and pushed it open. She then punched the victim to the top of her head.

Carter then moved away from the car, giving the victim a chance to close the door. She then came back towards the car, pulled the door open again, and punched the victim to the left side of her face.

Carter then grabbed the victim by her hair and tried to pull her out of the car.

The victim went to the police station and police observed her injuries, which consisted of significant swelling and discolouration to the left side of her face.

Carter told police she had assaulted the victim. She told them she followed the victim to her car, where she punched her and grabbed her by the hair.

Carter's lawyer Lachlan Robertson said his client was remorseful and was making efforts to rehabilitate and re-evaluate her life for the benefit of herself and her child.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke described Carter's offending as quite "outrageous behaviour", saying she attacked the victim with "no apparent reason or provocation".

"It's not the sort of behaviour one would expect from a young mother," Mr Clarke said.

"With the impending birth of your first child, it will be important that you conduct yourself as a responsible adult and not resort to violence over a petty dispute.

"If you continue with this sort of behaviour you will be removed from the community."

Carter was ordered to probation for 18 months. A criminal conviction was recorded.