Premier grilled on failure to 'save 150' mining jobs

THE Premier has been asked to explain why the Palaszczuk Government "has failed to save 150 regional jobs by failing to grant the necessary approvals" at the New Acland mine. 

"Let's put some clarity in the debate," Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said. 

"There are a number of different interests up in that region.

"They involve community interests, they include mining interests and they also include farming interests." 

Ms Palaszczuk said the Government was waiting for a decision from the Court of Appeal. 

New Hope has waited 12 years for State Government approvals for its New Acland Stage 3 mine and has been tied up in a series of legal battles with Oakey Coal Action Alliance. 

"There is currently … we are waiting for a decision of the Court of Appeal," the Premier said. 

"It has been nearly six months waiting for that decision.

"I am told that decision could come down any day."

- Domanii Cameron


LNP calls for immediate investigation

PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk says there's no reason to investigate a former staffer's setting up of a company that is now lobbying on behalf of a controversial New Acland mine.

The Opposition asked for an immediate investigation by the Integrity Commissioner into Evan Moorhead's co-founding of Anacta Strategies with political consultant David Nelson, who also has ties to Labor.

But Ms Palaszczuk said she understood Mr Moohead, her previous strategy chief, was not handling any lobbying on behalf of New Hope to the State Government, instead leaving it to his business partner.

"The person in question sought advice when he separated from my office … and he got that advice from ministerial services upon separation and he's also advised the director-general of any work he's doing," she said.

The New Hope coal mine has been awaiting for Government approvals for 12 years, and has now signaled job losses due to the hold-up.

A passage in the Integrity Act states that lobbyists are forbidden from "lobbying activities" on any matter that are related to their former representative duties as a government employee for two years.

- Jessica Marszalek