Fire crews battling a fire at Peregian Springs. Photo: John McCutcheon
Fire crews battling a fire at Peregian Springs. Photo: John McCutcheon

Premier’s upcoming bushfire agenda ‘comforting’


Who else had deja vu after seeing the news reports of the devastating wildfires in California? After a mild winter we are now heading into another fire season and we all fervently hope it is nothing like the last.

Like last year, the firefighting experts are sounding the same warnings to federal and state governments that we must do more to prepare for the worst-case bushfire scenario and take real action on climate change.

Therefore, it is reassuring that the Queensland Government is putting preparations in place just in case.

It was great to learn that they are leasing a water bombing aircraft to be based at Bundaberg and we will not have to rely on borrowing one from NSW.

As Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said, "Last year's bushfires were unprecedented with 7.7 million hectares scorched across the state, destroying homes and businesses."

Since family members were among those evacuated from the Peregian blaze, it is a comfort to know our State Government has the upcoming bushfire season on its agenda as it certainly has its hands full keeping us safe with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Raise the pension

Once again this government shows us its moral values.

Tax cuts for the well off and corporations, no increase to age pensions.

They can afford to lose millions in revenue through the discredited trickle down economics. But cant afford a measly $3 a week for pensioners - less than the cost of 1 PBS prescription.

LYNDA HOWARD, Meridan Plains


Wind force commissioner

It seems the wind force commissioner (appointed 2015) is still taking submissions from people who suffer windburn, burps, possesses a wind instrument, breaks wind or is a windbag to receive a full blast from the wind force commissioner.



Social media dumbing down language

Poor literacy is endemic throughout Australia.

It is a problem that is seemingly worsening every year. In my humble opinion, it is a heavy use of social media (coinciding with the dumbing down of the English language) and a growing lack of interest in reading books that is largely to blame.

Fervent readers are always the best writers.

It's also sad many parents are not reading with their children or establishing set routines at home to revise schoolwork.

BRIDGE MUIR, Alexandra Headland


Aged care a tragedy

I am well aware that there are deaths every day and perhaps even more so among our elderly as that's the way it goes.

Are there more this year in Victoria than last year and if so where did they occur?

Six months ago Australians were warner of the COVID-19 virus.

There has been many mistakes made in keeping the public 100 per cent safe, which is understandable as you can't baby sit everyone.

What I find disturbing after the initial promise of ensuring the elderly were a number one priority, is that we are still having daily reports of deaths in nursing homes and retirement villages.

Victoria reports today (September 18) 45 new cases and five deaths. The five deaths were in nursing homes.

To prevent infection we are told isolation in a building is the best and safest place which is why you are cared for in our wonderful hospitals if you are unwell.

I want someone to explain how after six months, a building that has been home and isolation for these unfortunate five elderly people was unable to protect them after they had survived through what must have been a miracle six months and had kept them safe up until now.

Start with this latest tragedy and then check back on all the previous neglect that was obviously the cause of past deaths in places were isolation was easier to maintain than out in the main public arena.

Homes for the elderly should have been number one on the list which was the promise in fighting this virus.

This is not a problem only Victoria has had to contend with and is responsible for.

Perhaps they would have been safer in the dressing rooms of sports arenas.

ERNEST WRIGHT, Sunrise Beach