Prime suspects behind horror crime spree arrested


TWO high-profile suspects in a gang of car thieves have been arrested this morning.

Police have a 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl in custody, who are understood to be the prime suspects behind Monday's horror crime spree, which shut down Townsville's airspace as the QGAir helicopter tracked a number of stolen cars in the city.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said the pair were arrested at Osprey Court, Condon at 9.38am today.

The man and girl have been taken to the watch house and charges are expected to be laid later.

Townsville district duty officer Senior Sergeant Scot Warrick said there were no cars reported stolen overnight.

He said the grey Volkswagen Golf station wagon stolen from Rasmussen on Wednesday was found at an address on Bridgewater Dr, Condon.

The VW was seized by police and will be subject to DNA testing, Sen-Sgt Warrick said.

As of yesterday nine people had been charged with 55 offences as part of Operation Romeo-Seville, targeting known repeat offenders in the wake of the recent vehicle crime spree.

The recent spate of house break-ins and stolen cars prompted James Cook University student Jarrad Terry to create a petition to "change youth crime laws".

"Townsville residents have had enough of being scared to drive their cars with the fear of getting carjacked and rocks that are thrown at them," he wrote in the petition. "Residents in their houses are not safe anymore with youth criminals making forcible entry into these homes.

"Police are doing their jobs but only to an extent with laws dictating that offenders be released without charges or punishment."

The petition addressed at the Queensland Government has attracted more than 4700 signatures.