Prosecutor suggests sexual assault attack was pre-meditated

MAURICE Edward Hayden has spent 638 days in prison since sexually assaulting a woman in Queens Park in December 2013.

The assault was described as "violent" in Rockhampton District Court yesterday, with Judge Terry Martin taking several hours to hand down Hayden's sentence.

Hayden faced two charges, one of rape and one of sexual assault while armed, after assaulting a woman in a disabled toilet block.

The Crown prosecutor told the court Hayden was placed in the toilet where he couldn't be seen, which suggested the attack was pre-meditated.

"When she tried to break free he hit her," the prosecutor said.

Judge Martin addressed Hayden, stating that "common sense suggests you might have been lying in wait".

"The attack was on a stranger in a public toilet… you strangled her until she couldn't breathe; this is a serious offence," he said.

Hayden received a head sentence of seven years.