Anti-Adani climate protesters.
Anti-Adani climate protesters.

Protesters block access to controversial Adani mine

WORK at the Adani Carmichael Mine was disrupted this morning by climate activists.

The protesters from Frontline Action on Coal blocked vehicles from accessing the mine site while holding a large banner.

Two groups of 10 people stood in the middle of the road for more than an hour.

Frontline Action on Coal spokesman Iain Pritchard said this morning's protest was a "promise that everyday people would continue to take action until the government breaks their dangerous attachment to the mining industry and starts acting in the interest of all life on this planet".

He said representatives from the protest group would be speaking at Queensland Parliament's public hearing on the proposed dangerous attachment devices law today.

The group will give evidence at 2pm.

"These laws are aimed at repressing political dissent, they are disproportionate and they are based on false claims of booby-trapped devices, not backed up by evidence," he said.

Protesters who use devices known as the "Sleeping Dragon" or the "Dragon's Den" to attach themselves to Queensland roads and train tracks could soon be breaking the law if a new bill introduced to State Parliament is passed today.

Protesters caught using the devices will face up to two years in prison or a $6500 fine, and up to one year behind bars or a $2600 fine for possessing them.

Do you think the proposed consequences are appropriate?