'Prove no harm' says rescue group to truckies

A WORKING dog rescue association has called on livestock transporters to prove their dogs are not compromised while on the job.

The comments follow reassurance from the road transport industry that happy healthy working dogs were an essential component of any livestock transport outfit. 


However in an online response the Australian Working Dog Rescue has called for proof. 

The rescue has told followers it seeks scientific research into the condition of the animals, in a post directly addressed to the Livestock and Rural Transport Association Victoria.  

"We are more than happy to facilitate this via the Working Dog Alliance," the post read. 

"Demonstrate your claims, else all your words are simply paying lip service to an industry that clearly can't prove it cares for the animals it uses as cheap labour in order to make money." 

When contacted president of the Livestock and Rural Transport Association Victoria Graham Howell told Big Rigs the industry always welcomes suggestions. 

"We don't want to go tit for tat in the media," Mr Howell said. 

"If they want to help us out by suggesting alternatives we are more than happy to hear from them," he said.  

Mr Howell said the association was yet to be contacted directly by the group on their issues and had only been notified about any of the concerns via their comments in the media. 

"They are always welcome to contact me," he said.