Hungry thieves pilfer pumpkin and cabbage patches

UPDATE: Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens President Peter Pendlebury said the stolen pumpkins and cabbage taken last week were from a plot outside the fenced area.

"This was a specific area that a woman has managed quite well. She's gone to a lot of effort to prepare that land," he said.

Mr Pendlebury said the latest theft was a reminder that the organic gardens were designed for members and not for the wider community to steal from.

"This issue is, we've run out of fenced plots so this garden was outside of those," he said.

"We want to remind people that the food there is not free to take."

The food was taken from a plot tended by a member of the African community to grow pumpkins, cabbage, maize and other vegetables.

He downplayed the quantity of produce stolen.

EARLIER: Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens Association are looking for a man they say stole an entire plot of veggies from the site.

The Goggs St gardens that are managed by volunteers were pilfered last week, with pumpkins and cabbages taken.

"Our volunteers work hard, and pay to hire a plot to grow vegetables for their families," a group member posted to Facebook.

"Unfortunately, some people choose to steal these vegetables without doing any of the hard work."

Members believe with such a large amount of produce stolen, the thief may be looking to resell them.

"Members of TCOGA find this sad, since we are proud of the fact that public have access to walk through the gardens and enjoy the atmosphere.

"If you are offered vegetables for sale by someone who doesn't seem to know much about them, think twice."

They said members volunteer to look after their plots and spend numerous hours toiling in the garden, only to have their crop stolen.

If you have information, phone PoliceLink on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.