QAL Gladstone.
QAL Gladstone.

QAL stink could soon be thing of the past

BARBECUES in the backyard putting up with the familiar, stomach-turning stench from Queensland Alumina Limited could soon be a thing of the past.

The industry is taking steps to eliminate the smell that regularly covers southern parts of Gladstone city as part of a 'zero community impact' strategy.

While the industry itself is yet to confirm this strategy with us, we understand QAL has been exploring new sites to source different bauxite, with less naturally occurring organic matter.

QAL is taking new steps to get rid of the stink it leaves around Gladstone. How bad is the smell in your suburb?

Posted by The Observer on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

QAL has tried before to reduce the smell by capturing the gases and destroying them at a high temperature, but for residents in South Gladstone the stink is still an every day issue.

The industry maintains the smell, which is caused by organic matter in the bauxite used in the alumina refining process, however unpleasant, is not harmful to health.

Tell us where you live and what you think about the smell from QAL.