Qld mum put video of her torturing her son on social media

A MOTHER from a small Queensland community filmed herself as she tortured her screaming six-year-old child and his stepdad threatened the child with a large knife, a court has heard.

The horrific video was played in the Ingham Magistrates Court.

Magistrate Peter Smid insisted the shocking footage and audio be broadcast in open court, above the protests of the defence concerned that its broadcast would lead to the identification of the victim.

The video shows the terrified child zip-tied to his bike as a man identified as the stepfather threatens the child with a large knife over the course of two-and-a-half minutes.

The attack, described as "torture" by not only the prosecution and Magistrate Smid, but also by the mother, was because the boy had not been using his bike.

The woman, who is accused alongside the stepfather, pleaded guilty to one charge of common assault.

Police prosecutor Subarna Raut said the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women contacted Queensland Police on May 13 to say the child had "made disclosures to his school that he had been tied up with a rope".

"On the 15th of May, initial information was received that there was a video online, on a Facebook profile … showing the victim child being assaulted."

Police made a recording of the video, he said.

"It depicts a child zip-tied to a blue tricycle bike by his right hand, a female voice narrates stating 'Dad I can't believe you zip-tied him," he said.

"The video depicts the co-accused with a large knife … while the victim child yells 'no' 'no' and holds his left hand out towards [the stepfather]."

In the video, the airing of which was strongly objected to by the defence, the mother can be clearly heard narrating details of the attack, above the terrified squeals of her child.

In the video the mother, who at times is laughing, makes a number of comments including "that's a very big knife" and "babe, this is torture, this is torture, well ride your bike get on your bike and start to use it."

"Okay, I'm going to have to help our son because he is really struggling and he is just really scared," she says to an invisible audience.

"Come on dad, be gentle," she says as she laughs.

After the child is freed by the stepfather, she says, "You're free, freedom."

Defence lawyer Solitaire Zahnleiter said the child had been removed from his client's custody and it was likely she would never have custody of him again.

Mr Smid said he was happy the child was no longer in her care.

The woman, who sat without emotion during the hearing, was convicted, sentenced to 12 months' probation and instructed to undertake programs as directed, and 60 hours community service.