QRC calls for explorer assistance to extend to other miners

THE Queensland Resources Council boss has called for State Government concessions granted to resource explorers to extend to coal miners.

Speaking at a Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise event at Parliament House in Brisbane QRC chief Michael Roche praised the Government's decision to grant a two-year, 50% spending concession to resource explorers and hoped it would be expanded.

"We're not talking about bailouts or subsidies, but our entire sector needs some certainty about approvals processes and it needs some relief on some of the pressures," he said.

"People say 'it can't be done, it's not possible', and yet in the parliament today Minister Lynham made a very good announcement."

Mr Roche said he hoped it was a sign of more assistance to come and called for miners to receive similar help.

Although Mr Roche admitted the resource sector was struggling he said the industry was resilient and would pull through.

Mr Roche said Glenn Lazarus's senate inquiry into unconventional gas mining that started in Dalby on Wednesday, was a "show trial" - but promised the resource industry would take part in it.

The inquiry saw a number of prominent anti-gas campaigners - including Helen Bender, the daughter of Chinchilla farmer George Bender who allegedly committed suicide in response to mining company pressure.

Before the inquiry started, Lock the Gate president Drew Hutton said he hoped the inquiry would hear from community members who had experience with the industry.

Mr Roche was one of three industry speakers to the TSBE meeting that Toowoomba North MP Trevor Watts hosted.