Krissy McIntosh shared this photo of rain in her backyard at Gracemere.
Krissy McIntosh shared this photo of rain in her backyard at Gracemere.

RAINFALL: Where the rain fell across CQ, more on the way

MANY CENTRAL Queensland residents might have had a sleepless night last night as thunder rumbled and rain bucketed down.

From 9am yesterday, 50mm fell into the Fitzroy River at the Rockhampton station with 30mm up at the Marlborough site and just 21mm out at Westwood.

Some Morning Bulletin readers shared their rainfall readings with Madonne Wex measuring 27mm in a storm around midnight last night.

Carmel Danziger said there must have been some good rainfall around the Gracemere area as the Old Cap Hwy had significant puddles on the side of the road on her drive this morning.

Over at Frenchville, Una Slatter said there was more thunder than rain.

In Norman Gardens, Nicole Griffin only measured 3mm and out at Alton Downs, Kylie Hall recorded 15mm.

Christine-Alex Geddes reported 20mm at Port Curtis and Dide Bell said she had 5.5mm at Park Avenue.

In Gracemere, Jan Zurvas recorded 9mm at her place.

Sadly, it appears there was no rain in Mount Morgan and Yeppoon but there might be some more chances.


TODAY: There is slight chance of a shower today with a possible thunderstorm this afternoon.

FRIDAY: The chance of rain drops off with the temperature set to rise to 32 degrees.

SATURDAY: The rain clouds come back with a 30 per cent chance of a shower in the morning and afternoon.

SUNDAY: The chance of rain picks up to 50 per cent, mostly likely in the morning and afternoon and the likelihood of a thunderstorm.

MONDAY: Monday is the big day with a 70 per cent chance of rain and a possible storm.

TUESDAY: The chance of rain drops down to 60 per cent with a possible storm,

WEDNESDAY: It is prediction of a shower or two with a 60 per cent chance of rain and a thunderstorm.