RESCUE: Council ranger Kym Hopper.
RESCUE: Council ranger Kym Hopper.

GET MEOW-OUT! Kitty stuck between a wall and a hard place

WHEN Central Highlands Regional Council's ranger Kym Hopper received a call for assistance from the Capella Cultural Centre, she didn't anticipate the rescue mission that lay ahead.

A small kitten had become stuck in one of the facility's wall cavities.

With the help of council facilities team member Kris Stefaniuk, the pair located the 10-week old animal, cut a hole in the wall and successfully rescued it from tragedy.

Named 'Wall-E', the kitten spent a week in the care of the Central Highlands cattery where it underwent character assessment.

Wall-E the kitten.
Wall-E the kitten.


"We're glad to report that Wall-E is a healthy and kind but curious kitten that is waiting for the right person to keep it out of trouble," co-ordinator of Ranger Services Brett Keys said.

"Wall-E will be offered to CQ Pet Rescue for rehoming."

Council rangers also found the kitten's mother in the roof of the cultural centre.

"Unfortunately, the kitten's mother was unable to be handled and not a domestic cat," he said.

"As rangers, we're passionate about animal welfare and protecting our wildlife and environment.

"Feral cats are a threat to native species and this includes abandoned domestic cats.

"Responsible pet ownership is important and we hope that Wall-E is a reminder that it's never too late or early for a chance to do the right thing."

For more information about responsible pet ownership, visit council's website.