The Cairns man's confession to his wife about his relationship with her daughter.
The Cairns man's confession to his wife about his relationship with her daughter.

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Man's strange confession to mother of child he abused

This is the letter a devout Christian from Cairns wrote to his wife, about the "consensual" affair he had with the woman's under-age teen daughter. The man is now behind bars.

My dearest and wonderful wife

I have been thinking for a couple of years of how to tell you the great sin I've commited against God and you.

These last couple of days have been the most painfull I've ever been. Just to think how I could hurt you so much.  My love you, of all the people in the world do not deserve to be hurt. I'm balling my eyes out as I'm writing this.

  I've missed you so much. I honestly don't deserve you at all. You're to wonderful for me. Its going to be very very hard for me to live without you.

I think that's the way God wants it, so we'll leave it up to him. I've been thinking how or will I tell you but couldn't bring my self to do so. I'm so very sorry, I've asked God if I should so you must know the truth. I keep on telling (your daughter) to tell you but she wouldn't so I guess I have to tell you.

Just remember one most important thing. There will never been another (wife) in my life ever. No matter what the outcome is you will remain my wife and my very best friend for ever in my heart. I do not know how to love anyone that's been my problem mainly when it comes to you. I'm sorry.

Here we go. I was hoping (your daughter) would tell you, that yes we had sex three times before she left. You have to believe me she offered it to me. I have proof on my phone.

That's the reason I've been wanting her to leave the house calling her names and all that so she could leave us alone but you wanted her there. She will lie about everything and been touched abused all that crap but she has been with someone before, as you know I asked her, she said she couldn't remember she was too young.

Just believe me she offered it to me and made deals. Its on my phone. If you want to know more just ask me when you can. I am not lieing. I have to show the court the evidence of when we started.

If she was abused why the hell didn't she tell you huh?

She'll make up more excuses. She lies so much. The reason why I took photoes was to prove myself to you if it came to this.

I could go on, but that's all you need to know for the moment.

She never ever complained, just said we have to stop soon.

This is the reason I asked God to help me write and tell you the truth. From the very bottom of my heart I am sorry.  I don't blame you if you hate me forever. I am very very sorry. Just forgive her when you can if you can.

Until we ever talk again Goodbye

PS Hope God strengthens your heart

By the way she always threatnd to call abuse if she dint get what she wanted jokeingly

She ended up doing it

Poor soul …

*For 24-hour sexual violence and domestic violence support  call the national hotline 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732.