Internal Rebl Corp documents have revealed how staff were told to engage clients.
Internal Rebl Corp documents have revealed how staff were told to engage clients. JumpStock

Rebl Corp internal memos reveal inner workings

INTERNAL Rebl Corp documents have revealed the inner workings of the company, including what staff were told to say if clients expressed "apprehension or misunderstanding" about their contracts.

Media company Rebl Corp shut its doors last Thursday leaving an estimated 40 staff without jobs.

Its subsidiaries Media Rebl and Digital Rebl were put into liquidation the next day and are now the subject of an investigation by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman.

Small and medium businesses signed two agreements when joining with Rebl. One directly to the company for the supply of digital content and social media marketing and the other was rental agreement with a third-party financial provider to fund access to customer-relationship management (CRM) software.

Digital Rebl would pay the businesses the same amount of money into their bank accounts as the finance companies would take out for the lease agreement.

Now that Media Rebl and Digital Rebl have gone under, the businesses fear they may be locked into contracts with the financial providers leaving them out of pocket.

Among the Rebl documents given to the Daily was an undated memo which advised staff to ensure the product was clearly explained to clients including the CRM software.

Further down, a check-list advised reps what to say if a client inquired about what would happen should the company "go bust".

"Will they still be obliged by the lease agreement. The answer is yes," the document reads.

"I suggest that we could ask them the same thing, what should happen if they go bust?

"Our leasing partnership would be in jeopardy should this happen on a recurring basis.

"If this isn't good enough, walk away."

If clients asked about delays in finalising their packages, staff were told to "inform the client that we have been the victim of our own success".

"(Tell them) we (were) fielding over 100 applications per week when we last saw them.

"If there is any apprehension or misunderstanding on the client's behalf at this stage you are advised to use the first Rebl amendment; walk away and leave the line, 'this isn't for everyone'."

Documentation of the Rebl Corp hierarchy showed Digital Rebl, Media Rebl and Business Rebl arms in New Zealand, Asia, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

A New Zealand business equipment finance company Dealer Accreditation Form signed by Rebl Corp's director Michael Maunder on behalf of Digital Rebl showed an estimated finance volume of NZD$10 million per annum for its CRM, software and digital services.

A further American finance company vendor application signed by Mr Maunder and Ben Smithwick - sales director of Media Rebl and Digital Rebl's US operations - on behalf of Digital Rebl US LLC listed its CRM software's annual lease volume as more than US$40 million.

According to the New Zealand Companies Office, Media Rebl and Digital Rebl were registered in December 2018, but the Daily understands they only traded briefly.

Offices in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast are also believed to have closed.