The Bachelorette Georgia Love, centre, with her top 11 bachelors.
The Bachelorette Georgia Love, centre, with her top 11 bachelors. Channel 10

RECAP: The Bachelorette S2E3 - Which picnic date is better?

SO TONIGHT we've got the single date with the donkey guy. We all know this because off the ads, but the lads don't so we open with them all sitting around waiting for Oscher to put them out of their misery.

And enter he does and leaves the single date card.

All the guys are jealous when Lee's name is read out, but really, how are they going to compete at all with the guy who brought a donkey and swept the lady of the hour off her feet with all the dad jokes she could handle?

Speaking of dad jokes, she picks him up in a fancy old car, opens the door for him (and he almost can't handle that he didn't open it for her) and they drive off leaving the other guys pining for Georgia.

They spend the drive telling each other dad jokes (that they both know the answers too). They get to their destination and it's a yacht. A yacht that has a treasure map on it. Arrgh, me hearties! This better be as fun as it looks.

X marks the spot for… where the single date kissing is going to happen?

Well, they are pretty cute together. And they're having plenty of fun. But it's kind of weird that each question they ask each other they have the same answer too. I guess that's a good thing and they're on the same page?

The Bachelorette Georgia Love goes on a date with Lee Elliott.
The Bachelorette Georgia Love goes on a date with Lee Elliott. Channel 10

Meanwhile, Sam finds the group date card and interrupts the tennis game they're playing. He's on the list and Tommy, Clancy, Cameron, Jay, Rhys, Matt and Aaron make the cut.

Back to the couple of the hour and they reach a private beach. They find the treasure chest (x marks the spot remember) and there's a private picnic.

They sit down and Georgia wants to play a game - two truths and a lie.

Celebrity crushes is the theme. Georgia's picks - Zac Efron, Brad Pitt and Chris Pratt.

Mmmm, girl has taste.

Apparently not though, because Brad Pitt is the lie an Zac Efron the truth. So he drops down and gives her 20 push ups.

His turn next - but Georgia has to do push ups too, if she gets it wrong. Girly push ups though.

Scarlett Johansson, Isla Fisher or Charlize Theron.

She picks Charlize Theron and is wrong - Isla Fisher the lie. So she drops and does 10 (only 10! Come on girl, you can do better than that) pushups.

It's kind of a bit of a boring date to be honest, nothing exciting really happens until he goes in for the kill and kisses her after she gives him a rose.

She thought the kissing wasn't going to happen, but apparently there's fireworks and sparks.

No, that's supposed to be Mr May's job!

Group date time. Turns out our Georgia has a few tricks up her sleeve and is into trapeze.

She does a bit of showing off for the guys as they arrive and some of them look a little terrified.

Oscher materialises out of nowhere and they explain that the guys will learn a few things and then she'll choose one of them to catch her and one lucky man will get some alone time with her.

That actually looks pretty fun. Ya know, if you had those kind of skills.

Rhys is first up and nails it, surprisingly. Way to go mate. Make them think you're just a little bit more than just a model (even though that's all you talk about).

Sam's jealous, but reckon's he can do better. Here we go. And he totally misses it! I don't know why, but damn that feels good.

Some of the other guys give it a go, some nail it and some don't.

Matt's turn is next and he's pretty nervous. She's expecting big things - so am I - after he's talked himself up so well.

Surprise surprise, he nails it too. Those pointed toes are totally doing it for her.

It's not really a surprise to anyone when she picks him to be the guy who catches her. Oh man, now I'm nervous - what's going to happen if he doesn't catch her?

It's a bit of a heart-stopping moment but he totally nails it. She's so excited. It's pretty adorable. She's glowing.
Now she gets to pick who to spend time with - and it's Matt.

It's dark and they climb up on the trapeze net. There's a table with some wine and food and she says that it's her dream to lie on the mat with a guy and share some wine. 

That sounds like a pretty good date actually. She admits she didn't notice him at the beer party (kinda harsh), but found a side of him today that's impressed her.

They share the wine and she gushes about how awesome him catching her was (that was actually pretty awesome) and they bond over their gymnastic skills.

Sorry Lee in terms of cool dates, I think wine on the trapeze net picnic totally kills the beach picnic.

Awww, how cute, she's interviewing him!

No kissing on this date though.


Courtney Dober presents his golden date card to Georgia Love in a scene from The Bachelorette.
Courtney Dober presents his golden date card to Georgia Love in a scene from The Bachelorette. Channel 10

Oh my god, I can safely say that I've never seen a guy wear a suit as bright as Courtney's red one. It's certainly… interesting? Guy has style. Georgia comes out in a red dress too and they joke about who wore it better.

Courtney pulls her aside and she confesses that she feels like the girl who have him her number and he never calls.

Awww, Courtney you better shape up and start pleasing our girl!

They chat about what he's going to do with his first impression rose and he pulls out the date card. Good, at least he's planning something.

While they chat, Sam is sitting with Rhys. And oh no he's asking him for poetry tips.

And poor Rhys doesn't realize that he's taking the piss out of him.

Oh god he's reading it to him. RHYS WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

Courtney's back with the group now, and they're all talking about the group date and ask what they have to do to get invited on the date.

Courtney jokes that whoever jumps in the pool in the next 60 seconds will get invited.

Ohhh, Clancy's going for it - oh man he's really going for it!

Clancy Ryan jumps in the pool during the cocktail party in a scene from The Bachelorette.
Clancy Ryan jumps in the pool during the cocktail party in a scene from The Bachelorette. Channel 10

Haha, he actually did it. Well done. Actually, someone's pretty desperate to get on that group date. I agree with Courtney, first he shaved his beard and now he jumped in the pool.


Matt's nervous because he didn't get a rose and Clancy's wearing a dressing gown. Ha.

Oh, two of them are going home tonight! I wasn't expecting that.

Matt's first up. Good, you've put him out of his misery, thank you.

Cameron gets one too, good girl. All of the hot guys get one, and so do Sam and Rhys.

Aaron and Jay don't get roses though. It's a shame Rhys loses his BFF, but Jay was kinda boring so, I'm cool with that.

Tomorrow is Courtney's date and Sam and Jake come up with something random.