Natalie Swift from Tall Pines Florist with a bouquet of flowers including fishing lures.
Natalie Swift from Tall Pines Florist with a bouquet of flowers including fishing lures. Chris Ison ROK130218cflowers1

Reel 'em in: Quirky Valentine's Day gift lures Rocky lovers

THIS Valentine's Day what would you like with your bunch of roses? A box of chocolates? A teddy bear? A bottle of wine? How about some fishing lures?

Yes, it's a thing.

Natalie Swift, owner and manager of Tall Pines Florist is channelling her inner fisherwoman this romantic season as she creates custom bouquets of five premium fishing lures with roses.

Traditionally, women receive the flowers but it's not the lady receiving the gift this time.

"The recipient is a crazy fishing guy so his wife thought she'd put them in a bouquet,” Mrs Swift said.

"She'll get the roses and he can get the lures.”

Speaking with The Morning Bulletin on the eve of Valentine's Day, the Rockhampton CBD based florist had phones running off the hook, the front swinging and staff busy preparing flowers.

"It's always the same bedlam the day before so we get ourselves prepared as possible,” Mrs Swift said.

"We have been swamped the last two days.”

When you think Valentine's Day you think red roses and this is true in Rockhampton.

"We sell mostly red roses, some smelling oriental lilies,” Mrs Swift said.

"There are one or two that like the bouquets and some natives.”

As the roses are in high demand, it accounts for a lot more ordering.

"There's hundreds of roses that go out,” Mrs Swift said.

"We order close to 1,000 roses for the two days prior to Valentine's Day.

"We normally order 75 to 100 in a week.”

After owning the business for the past 14 years, the request for some lures in a bouquet was new.

"We always have the add ons, something do bring in jewellery, balloons, lingerie,” Mrs Swift said.

The most strange request was when someone brought in a portable heater to be delivered with a bunch of flowers.

"That was an odd one,” Mrs Swift said.

Over the years, Mrs Swift has built a loyal customer basis.

"I've had one gentleman who comes in every Valentine's Day every year since I have been here and gotten flowers for his wife,” she said.

And the flowers aren't always just for the wives and girlfriends.

"You get the gentlemen who will get flowers for their wives and they will one or two for their little girls,” Mrs Swift said.

Generally speaking, most people aren't prepared and tomorrow will be crazy for the florist.

"It's a lot of last minute guys and a majority of it is over the phone for deliveries,” Mrs Swift said.