Reinvent the Beef Capital as the Junior Sports Capital

MICHAEL McMillan's vision for Rockhampton is one that includes the Beef Capital reinvented as the Junior Sports Capital in the state, along with reinstating the Rocky games.

McMillan is running for the mayoral seat in the Rockhampton Regional Council elections (polling day in March 19).

He is an avid sports enthusiast who feels more could be done to capitalize the region's sporting assets.

With a sporting heroes including Rod Laver, Anna Meares, Mark Knowles, Matt Gohdes and Jamie Dwyer; it's no wonder McMillan and his team of council candidates want to expand on the links between sporting greats and Central Queensland.

 "Our history our sportspeople and our playing fields are just some of the assets we take for granted but we also have deficits that we have ton own up to like the shabby state of our netball courts," he said.

"We have the greatest sporting  infrastructure in Australia here in our sports volunteers , coaches and administrators but in reality the council has vacated the space and we no longer have a council that champions local sport."

McMillan today shared a cup of coffee with Rockhampton sports icon and historian Brian Smith.

"As mayor I will reinstitute Rocky Games, start a sporting legends register, get our sporting history properly archived and start planning a Hall of Sporting Fame," he said.

"We have current heroes in women's cricket, cycling, hockey, rugby league to mention a few and no one knows that they started their journey here .upon election they will become our sports ambassadors."

Mr McMillan also believes we could become the capital of junior sport in Queensland.

"We have the best primary school cricket and rugby league competition in Queensland and we could easily make Browne Park the home of junior league or The Cricket Grounds the home of junior cricket.

"Our hockey fields at Kalka Shades and the tennis facilities rival anything in the country. We have an Olympic standard pool. The list is endless."

Mr McMillan said that one of the challenges he faced was to find other activities for the non sporting young people of Rockhampton.