RAIN, RAIN: Aerial photos of John Chandler’s Barcaldine property after a weekend of rain.
RAIN, RAIN: Aerial photos of John Chandler’s Barcaldine property after a weekend of rain. Contributed

Relief floods in for farmers after wet weekend at Barcaldine

NOT only has the rain across the state left John Chandler's grass looking a little greener, it has him feeling rosier as well.

Barcaldine farmer John Chandler

"Rain just washes off the dust," John said.

"The cattle look shinier the next day even though they haven't had anything to eat yet, it fills the dams, it fills the rivers... it washes the stress out of your mind and your body and you are left with a spring in your step.

"Rain is just vital."


John said it was a weekend of relief after a tough three years without rain, but knows it takes more than one storm to break a drought.

The Barcaldine district reported falls of up to 105mm, while John said rain gauges around his property had recorded about 57mm.

"It rained Friday and Saturday night after a very dry, tough, three years... now there is a little green tinge appearing already," he said.

"There are a lot of people out there who have been in this boat for a long time now, over about 80% of Queensland is in drought.

"These were very isolated, very narrow storms and you have to feel sorry for the people that missed out completely."

One of those people was sheep farmer Wally Miller, whose property is just 50km from Barcaldine.

With no useful rain falling on his land, Wally said that was just the way weather worked.

"Some get it and some don't, we just didn't get," he said.

"It's good to see that it can still happen, there has been some good falls.

"But we're not as bad as Longreach; we're okay."

AgForce central regional manager Sharon Howard said the organisation was "delighted" to hear of the substantial rainfalls and was hopeful there would be more to come.

She said rain in the western regions was a promising sign for the whole state.