A $400 million waste to energy plant is proposed for Swanbank.
A $400 million waste to energy plant is proposed for Swanbank.

200 JOBS: Firm to ‘prove benefits’ of controversial project

THE waste company behind the proposed $400 million waste to energy facility in Ipswich said it will work closely with the community to "prove the benefits" of the project.

Remondis says the facility would create more than 200 jobs during its construction if it is approved, and up to 70 locals jobs once it is operational.

The proposal for Swanbank has been met with fierce opposition, including from Ipswich community groups and former Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller.

Mrs Miller resigned in February but is still a staunch opponent of the proposal, saying it would be detrimental for the city of Ipswich and the health of its residents and the extra jobs would not be worth it.

Queensland's Coordinator-General declared the facility as a coordinated project at the end of last month.

State Development Minister Kate Jones said the decision did not guarantee the proposal would go ahead and it would face the most rigorous assessment process available under Queensland law.

"This is positive news, as it enables detailed and rigorous assessment so the Queensland Government and other stakeholders can weigh up the environmental, economic and social benefits and issues," a Remondis spokesman said.

"It's now a case of working closely with the government and community to prove the benefits, which include less waste landfill, less odour and less greenhouse gas emissions through additional baseload clean energy."

The spokesman said the facility will process up to 500,000 tonnes of waste every year that "can't be used or recycled" and this would "significantly reduce" the need for landfill in Ipswich.

"Similar facilities in Europe have a track record of converting waste to energy, reducing waste-site odour, including in densely populated cities such as Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen and Vienna,' he said.

"We ask people to understand that this is a positive and exciting opportunity to showcase Queensland as a clean energy and resource recovery leader, using world-class technology.

"We'll continue working closely with the community as the approvals process proceeds."

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