Distressing scenes: Pedestrians feared for their lives

A SHOCKING sight on the streets of Dalby left a member of the public shaken and pedestrians fleeing for their lives.

Alexander Norbet Byers, 27, has faced the Dalby Magistrates Court for his role in the distressing event involving a gel blaster.

At 8.30am on July 31, a member of the public saw a group of men driving around in a blue car, stopping on the corner of Drayton and Marble streets.

They reported the men pointed out the window what appeared to be a gun, at two pedestrians. One of the men turned and ran while the other stood frozen, shielding his face.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Jodie Tahana told the court after a second call about the vehicle, police attended an address on Myall St where they located Byers and another man.

Searching the car, police found a gel blaster replica of a Steyr, an Australian assault rifle.

Neither Byers nor the other man claimed the gel blaster or took responsibility for pointing it at the pedestrians.

But defence lawyer Rebecca Peters told the court Byers was in Dalby visiting family and was very intoxicated at the time of the offence.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop warned Byers he was ruining the fun for responsible gel blaster owners.

"Gel blaster guns are fun when they are used in the right situation where they are not used as you or your colleague did," she said.

"They're items that are meant to be used for fun... you are going to end up having those fun items banned for the majority of people who use them appropriately.

"Spread the word around to anyone with gel blasters don't be an idiot with it."

Byers pleaded guilty to one count of commit public nuisance. He was fined $400 with no conviction recorded.