Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

'Hijacking' emergency in Amsterdam a false alarm

Air Europa has been left red-faced after a pilot accidentally triggered a hijack alert during boarding in Amsterdam, triggering a military response and throwing the airport into chaos.

Dutch military police and emergency services descended on Schiphol Airport on Wednesday night, amid reports of a possible hijacking by three men armed with knives.

The airport placed into lockdown as military police boarded the flight UX1094 to Madrid, before evacuating all passengers and crew at around 8.40pm.

Air Europa then tweeted that it was a "false alarm".

"In the flight Amsterdam-Madrid, this afternoon was activated, by mistake, a warning that triggers protocols on hijackings at the airport," the airline tweeted. "Nothing has happened, all passengers are safe and sound waiting to fly soon. We deeply apologise."