PROPERTY LOSS: Fire crews attend a shed fire in North Rockhampton
PROPERTY LOSS: Fire crews attend a shed fire in North Rockhampton Seven News

Resident's fury at onlookers watching her property burn

THROUGH flames, loss and anger, a North Rockhampton fire victim has thanked emergency services who attended her house last night when it was almost lost to a blaze.

Her shed next to the Park Avenue house was engulfed by flames late yesterday afternoon destroying thousands of dollars worth of property.

"Thank you for your time and effort,” she wrote to emergency services.

"We lost about 100k worth of stuff but our house still stand and we are all safe.

"You are brave beyond words.”

Dozens have offered to donate items to the family to get by, but the home-owner assured community members the only property loss was tools and priceless cars.

Multiple fire crews were called to a Bates St address in Park Avenue at 5.25pm on Monday afternoon after receiving calls reporting a structural fire at the address.

But the fire-victim said emergency services weren't the only ones who attended the scene - she was disgusted by many onlookers who travelled to the scene to watch.

"The fire trucks couldn't get past them. It was crazy and stupid and could have ended with the fire spreading to other houses,” she said.

The fire was extinguished by 6.30pm but people continued to drive to the address to look.

"People are still driving into our street to stare at our sorrow. You can all kindly xxxx off. I nearly lost my husband,” she wrote.

"I ended up punching someone's car window at about 9pm. Was sick of tools driving past for a look.

"Town of clowns.”

Paramedics attended the scene but didn't transport anyone to hospital.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.