Retailer grants $1k Xmas wish after backlash


A QUEENSLAND department store has granted a Christmas wish after being accused on social media of "disgusting" treatment of a pensioner.

Strathpine's BIG W was accused of inadequate customer service to "the most vulnerable citizens in society" after a company employee refused to swap gift cards an 82-year-old man accidentally purchased on November 27.

The disabled pensioner's daughter Kerrie Moore reached out on Facebook, after the senior citizen accidentally spent $1000 on iTunes gift cards, thinking they were WISH gift cards, and was refused an exchange or refund by a BIG W employee.

A Big W department store
A Big W department store

"Shame on you BIG W," Ms Moore wrote.

In the post attached with a picture of the "misled" pensioner, Ms Moore explained how a store assistant pointed to iTunes gift cards after the man asked for assistance.

"My father took this to mean these were the general gifts cards that would allow his grandchildren to get toys and other items for school this year."

Ms Moore also wrote it was "far too late" to do anything about the situation, and hoped her post would make others aware "how vulnerable elderly citizens can be in the hands of big companies".

After The Sunday-Mail's investigation into the incident, and more than 1500 Facebook shares of Ms Moore's post, the company agreed to swap the vouchers.

"BIG W apologises for any distress causes to our customer following the purchase of his gift cards," a BIG W spokesperson said.

"The customer's daughter is coming in store this afternoon to exchange the iTunes cards for WISH gift cards, so they can be given to his grandchildren in time for Christmas."