REVEALED: These are 10 of the Coast's weird and wacky crimes to go through court this year.
REVEALED: These are 10 of the Coast's weird and wacky crimes to go through court this year.

REVEALED: 10 of Coast’s weird and wacky court cases

From a naked, unconscious teen found in stranger's yard to a crack pipe stashed between a thief's buttocks, here are 10 weird, wacky and downright bizarre cases to go through Coast courts this year.



Mum gets partner to stuff pregnancy test down pants


A teenage mum who got kicked out of home went on a stealing spree, including getting her partner to allegedly stuff a pregnancy test down his pants.

Police prosecutor Brendan Newman told a court Brittany Lee Rickards, 19, stole items for herself and to sell.

The court heard Rickards stole a showbag at Aussie World, valued at $10, on December 17, last year.

On April 30, Rickards stole electronics from Australia Post in Buderim.

The court heard Rickards walked into the store with another man and she stole a projector, a fitness tracker and speaker.

CCTV footage identified Rickards and her partner, a court was told.

Rickard's partner is yet to enter his pleas for his charges.

Sgt Newman said Rickards and her partner went to the Buderim IGA on April 18.

"They went to the toiletries aisle and selected a number of items, including a toothbrush, toothpaste and a pregnancy test," he said.

"The defendant has selected the items and handed them to the (alleged) co-offender who (allegedly) concealed them down the front of his pants, quite evidently not to be sold again.

"They've purchased two other items and made no attempts to pay for what was left down his pants."

Rickards pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to four charges including stealing and wilful damage.

Rickards was placed on a nine-month probation order.

She was also ordered to pay $700 restitution for the wall and $514 to the post office.

No convictions were recorded.

Brittany Rickards.
Brittany Rickards.

Bread thief flees cops with pipe sandwiched in butt


A man with a knife stole a trolley of bread from a Woolworths delivery truck before running from police with a crack pipe sandwiched in his buttocks.

Police received a report that two men had stolen bread from the truck parked at the Woolworths Nambour loading dock about 7.30am on February 15.

They found Gabriel Angel Gonzalez, 46, pushing a trolley containing bread along Ann St.

"They conducted a search and located further bags of bread," police prosecutor Rebecca Lambert said.

"He told them that someone in a BMW told him he could take the bread.

"It wasn't the driver of the truck.

"He stated he didn't buy it."

Police found Gonzalez had a kitchen knife on him.

"He initially stated he was using it for his job as a cook, however, prior to this he had told police he was unemployed and had gone from his address in Alexandra Headland to Nambour," Senior Constable Lambert said.

Gonzalez, who was on parole, initially gave police the name of another person and a search through their system produced a photo that didn't match his appearance.

Police managed to identify him through a corrective services document they found in the trolley.

Gonzalez then ran from police through several Nambour streets before he was arrested.

A strip search was conducted in a private room at the watch house.

"He's placed his hands down the front of his pants and when he was asked to remove his hands by police he has also removed a short glass pipe that had fallen from his buttocks.

At Maroochydore Magistrates Court, Gonzalez pleaded guilty to seven charges including unlawful possession of suspected stolen property and possessing a knife.

Gonzalez was given a nine-month prison sentence, suspended for three years.


Naked, unconscious teen found in stranger's yard


A distressed woman called police to her family home after finding a naked, unconscious teenager in her backyard.

Cody Lee Sutton-Chambers, 19, had passed out on an air mattress in the yard of the Maroochydore home after taking a "cocktail" of drugs.

Police prosecutor Amanda Brewer said police arrived at the address to find a "distressed" family who were scared to enter their home on the morning of January 16.

"They located the male fully unclothed, attempting to open a window to the dwelling," Senior Constable Brewer said.

"He appeared drug affected and was not making any sense when he was trying to explain why he was naked as well as being present at the dwelling, claiming that he lived there."

Sutton-Chambers, from Kullangor, was arrested and taken to Maroochydore watch house before he was released on bail.

The court heard Sutton-Chambers had appeared at Caloundra Magistrates Court the week before the incident when he was fined for a public nuisance offence.

"So it's not completely dissimilar behaviour," Const Brewer said.

"The behaviour that he exhibited would have been quite concerning for the family."

At Maroochydore Magistrates Court Sutton-Chambers pleaded guilty to one charge of trespassing.

Sutton-Chambers was fined $500.

The conviction was not recorded.

Cody Lee Sutton-Chambers.
Cody Lee Sutton-Chambers.

Man 'exercising' on railway track stops Christmas trains


A man who caused Coast trains to stop in their tracks on Christmas Day says he was exercising on the railway.

Police were called to Beerburrum just before 7pm to reports a man dressed in black clothes was walking along the tracks.

It was 27-year-old Jesse Barry James Prouse.

Police prosecutor Amanda Brewer told a court that a train on special duty had to stop on the track.

"The train driver witnessed the male described as wearing a black jumper, long black pants and he was walking along the tracks," Senior Constable Brewer said.

"The person moved off the tracks and into a grass area on the corridor.

"The special train was then able to continue south after a notification temporarily stopping all trains in the area due to the defendant."

Prouse was still walking on the tracks when police arrived.

They asked him several times to get out of the train corridor.

Prouse was arrested and taken to the police station.

At Caloundra Magistrates Court, he pleaded guilty to interfering with a railway.

Duty lawyer Josh Bradbury said Prouse was exercising on the railway.

"He instructs that this is entirely unordinary to be doing so," Mr Bradbury said.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said Prouse caused interruptions to the train timetable.

Prouse was fined $300 and the conviction was not recorded.

Jesse Barry James Prouse.
Jesse Barry James Prouse.

Woman exposed, hair pulled in barking-mad beach fight


An Alexandra Headland woman pulled a fellow beachgoer's hair out, sprained her arm, and removed her bikini top during a beach fight, a court heard.

Amanda Culley pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court for assault causing bodily harm after she attacked another woman in Buddina on August 3.

Police prosecutor Brendan Newman said the 49-year-old was annoyed by the victim's leashless dog and yelled for her to "shut her dog up" before the incident escalated.

After responding by saying "you will have to ask nicely" the victim told police she didn't feel safe and started packing up her things when the accused and her small child approached with "purpose".

Sergeant Newman said the victim started filming Culley with her phone before the accused punched her in the right side of the face with a haymaker-style closed fist.

He said the accused also grabbed the victim's hair and tried to snatch the mobile phone off her.

"During the struggle the accused pulled the victim by the right arm and her bikini top has been pulled down leaving her exposed," he said.

Sgt Newman said the victim suffered a sprained arm, scratches and bruises to her arms and had chunks of hair pulled out.

Culley said she "definitely did something wrong" but it was in response to the victim who she said was filming her five-year-old child.

"She was filming my five-year-old in bikini pants, that was the only reason I approached her and subsequently she posted photos of my child on the Sunshine Coast Community Facebook page," she said.

She also said the victim's dog had been attacking her and her child and she asked if it could be put on a lead.

Culley said she rang police straight after the incident to tell them what had happened.

She was fined $800.

No conviction was recorded.


Secret squirrels: Smuggler caught with rodent in pants


A squirrel smuggler used social media to document his ballsy mission of shoving the rodents down his pants and bringing them to Australia from Bali.

"He's ready for the flight" and "It f------ worked, f--- all you haters" were just two of several captions Lucas Seth Jolly attributed to photos and videos of squirrels before he was caught at Brisbane Airport.

Jolly, now 20, purchased the juvenile squirrels at a live animal market in Bali before placing them in socks and hiding them in his checked baggage on a flight on December 4, 2018.

They cost $15 each.

Commonwealth prosecutor Sam Hill said a follower had tipped off police who awaited Jolly's arrival in Australia.

The Tewantin man collected his bag off the carousel upon arrival and walked to a bathroom where he stashed the squirrels in his pants.

He then made his way toward the screening area before taking a squirrel out of his pants.

"Hey mate, there's a squirrel on the floor," he told a border security officer.

To his surprise, the officer asked him where the second squirrel was and told him they had been awaiting his arrival.

"Who told you?" Jolly asked the officer.

"It's in my pants."

The court heard the squirrels were kept in the luggage for a total of eight-and-a-half hours.

Jolly pleaded guilty to importing conditionally non-prohibited goods, importing regulated items, and importing regulated live specimens in a cruel manner.

Jolly was sentenced to 18 months in jail with immediate release on the condition he be of good behaviour for five years.

If he commits any offences in that time he will forfeit a $1000 bond and may be required to serve his sentence.

Lucas Seth Jolly.
Lucas Seth Jolly.


'Poo time': Tinder terror's revenge porn threats


A Tinder terror who threatened revenge porn when he was unfriended also sent his victim a photo of himself doing a poo.

In a letter of apology to the woman, Trent John Samuels said he was upset that his Tinder match had unfriended him on Snapchat.

Maroochydore Magistrates Court heard the 27-year-old first matched with the woman on the dating app in December last year.

The conversation migrated to Snapchat where the woman sent several photos of herself to Samuels.

"And an intimate video of herself wearing a T-shirt without underwear in which she started touching herself," police prosecutor Lee Allan said.

"The video lasted for 10 to 15 seconds."

The woman then stopped engaging in conversation with Samuels who would occasionally send her random pictures.

"And on one occasion he sent a photo of himself defecating on the toilet with the caption 'poo time'," Sen Constable Allan said.

"As a result, the victim has removed him from her list of friends on social media platforms."

Samuels then messaged the woman on Instagram, asking why he had been unfriended.

He told her she was "not hot enough" to be rude and that she should be careful because he had her nude photos saved.

He said he would hate for them to show up in messages to her family.

"The defendant then sent the intimate video of the victim back to her to indicate that he had a copy saved," Sen Constable Allan said.

Samuels pleaded guilty to threatening to distribute a prohibited visual recording.

Magistrate Rod Madsen said the conviction was to be recorded because the offence was an indication of Samuels' character.

Samuels was fined $2500 and ordered to pay the victim $1000 in compensation.

Trent John Samuels.
Trent John Samuels.


Mum commits armed home invasion over drug rumour


Armed with a baseball bat and kitchen knife, one mother was determined to take a vigilante approach to a rumour about a person supplying children with drugs.

Natasha Isabel Weston, 33, pleaded guilty to two charges in the Maroochydore District Court, including entering a premises at night while armed with offensive instruments, and stealing.

Crown prosecutor Nicola Hamilton told the court that on January 1 last year, Weston was visiting friends at a Yandina caravan park, where there were rumours circulating that the victim who also lived at the caravan park was allegedly supplying drugs to children.

"This seemed to have been a catalyst for the offending," she said.

"The defendant mulled over this after returning home that night and, early that following morning, she returned to the caravan park and entered the complainant's caravan.

"She was holding a baseball bat and kitchen knife concealed in her jumper."

The court heard Weston entered the residence and when confronted by the victim, she stated she was there to "get the stuff" and sat down before pulling out the kitchen knife.

At this stage, one of the complainant's children entered the main area, where Weston stated "she wasn't going to bash her in front of her daughter".

Weston then accused the victim of selling drugs to children.

Weston was given a head sentence of 18 months jail, with an immediate parole release date.

Natasha Isabel Weston.
Natasha Isabel Weston.


Dad's 'bizarre' fake hold-up in bid to go to jail


A drunk father who held two workers inside a bottle shop reassured them he wasn't armed and just wanted to go to jail.

Moments earlier he had burst into the Little Mountain liquor store announcing "this is an armed hold-up" and yelling at staff to call police.

A court heard Jordan Ross Adams' "bizarre" play acting on July 27 last year was fuelled by anxiety, depression and alcohol dependency.

Crown prosecutor Alex Stark said while the female attendant was convinced she was in danger, the male staff member saw there was only a phone tucked into the waistband of Adams' shorts.

Adams, 35, locked the doors behind him and once police had been called, he cracked a bottle of Bundaberg Rum and cola and told the staff, aged 21 and 25, he wasn't actually armed.

Mr Stark said Adams told the staff, "Hey guys, don't worry. This isn't really a hold-up. I haven't even got a gun, I just want to go to jail. I didn't mean to scare you."

"Almost sort of speaking to reassure the complainants that essentially he was play acting," Mr Stark said.

The court heard Adams yelled at customers who tried to enter the store and "posed" as if he would fight police when they arrived.

"He told police he wanted to go to jail and winked at the complainants as he was escorted outside," Mr Stark said.

At Maroochydore District Court, Adams pleaded guilty to two counts of deprivation of liberty and one count of entering a premises and stealing.

Adams was given two years' probation and 200 hours of community service.

The convictions were recorded.


Smelly undies lead cops to find surfer's weed stash


The smell of marijuana led police to a Coast board shaper's underwear where he had hidden more than 30g of the drug.

Daniel James Dron pleaded guilty in Noosa Magistrates Court to two counts of possessing dangerous drugs and one count of possessing utensils that had been used.

Police prosecutor Alison Johnstone said police found a stash of marijuana in Dron's underwear after pulling over a car at 11:40pm on June 1.

"While searching the vicinity of the rear seat there was a distinctive odour of cannabis however none was located," she said.

"Police then conducted a search of the defendant's person, a large clip seal bag with 32g of cannabis was located in his underwear and the discovery was consistent with the smell of cannabis that was detected while searching the vehicle earlier."

Senior Constable Johnstone said police raided Dron's home at 11am on July 21.

"Police seized four tobacco pouches with various amounts of green leaf material on a shelf in the wardrobe of the spare room," she said.

"A search of a shed at the address located more green leaf material."

She said a total of 13g of marijuana was found along with a manual grinder, two used water pipes, a small metal pipe and scales.

Dron was fined $400 and no conviction was recorded.




Daniel James Dron.
Daniel James Dron.