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REVEALED: Flood levee survey results we've been waiting for

RESULTS from Capricornia MP Michelle Landry's phone survey are showing a close contest between those who support and do not support the South Rockhampton Flood Levee.

Of 4000 people who had taken part in the survey, 33.81% were in favour of the project, while 27.96% were against.

A further 18.99% didn't have an opinion while7.51% said they didn't have enough information, 7.91% were undecided, and 3.82% supported conditional on the funding model.

When asked how the levee should be funded, 25.36% believed it should be paid for by ratepayers or taxpayers.

A further 11.62% believed a combination of the two would work best, while 31.27% were not supportive of the project as a whole, 9% did not care and 18.34% wanted more information.

The airport was overwhelming the area people surveyed felt was most important in flood mitigation, at 47.84%.

Protecting Gladstone Rd and the airport was vital to 29.53% of those surveyed.

Ms Landry said she was pleased over 4000 people had responded tot he survey from "a broad cross section of the community".

"While it is very clear that the levee remains contentious, I feel confident that most of the issues can be overcome," she said.

"I am happy that council has heeded my call to undertake community consultation and address the land acquisitions."

Rockhampton MP Bill Byrne said the government supported the project and said Ms Landry's response to the results was "a pleasing step forward"

"I am pleased to see the language that Michelle Landry is putting forward and that gives me a sense of hope that appropriate collaboration and cooperation with her going forward," he said.

"I take these latest results as being a positive indication from our federal member that she is willing to work with other levels of government to deliver."