REVEALED: How 15m boat beached at Mooloolaba will be removed

THE 15m crabbing vessel that ran aground on Saturday night will be dismantled on the beach and scrapped, insurers have decided.

The insurers, Clayton's Towing and the boat's owner have been in talks since Sunday over the fate of the Matahari vessel, which has been written off with stress fractures in the hull after it was beaten against the rocks at Mooloolaba for hours.

Clayton's Towing owner Mike Clayton said the cost and risks involved in getting the 35 tonne Matahari off the beach intact and out of Mooloolaba would have exceeded any return from selling the ruined boat.

Instead, workers will cut apart the wreck, with an excavator and tip truck to be used to clear the scene.

"It was the best financial and low-risk option," Mr Clayton told the Daily this morning.


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Mr Clayton is seeking Sunshine Coast Council approval today for the dismantling, and hoped the works could begin tomorrow.


Time is running short for the boat's removal - high tides this weekend of over 2m could threaten the boat, even in its current position against the rock wall.


If the Matahari had been removed intact, the costs of hiring a crane large enough to lift the boat off the beach and over the pandanus trees on the foreshore would have run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Workers trucking the vessel out of Mooloolaba would have faced a gauntlet of obstacles including narrow streets, trees and traffic lights.