The artist's impression for the proposed 2000-seat, 6-court indoor netball stadium.
The artist's impression for the proposed 2000-seat, 6-court indoor netball stadium. Rockhampton Netball Association

Revealed: Rocky Netball plans $25m 2000-seat indoor stadium

ONE OF Rockhampton's most popular recreational sports could be transformed through a $25 million indoor sports stadium.

Rockhampton Netball Association has developed plans for a six-court, 2000-seat indoor stadium at Jardine Park.

President Kylie Dwyer said the organisation had been talking to Rockhampton Regional Council about developing a new home for netball for 20 years.

The stadium would include sprung wooden floor courts, which Ms Dwyer explained would be better for both elite and developing players and their overall health.

With over 160 teams playing during the season, there would be thousands of people benefiting from the new courts.

Ms Dwyer said getting the facilities to accommodate current players was crucial, but so is creating multiple uses for the new facility.

She said indoor hockey was also keen to base themselves at the new facility, rather than moving from place to place.

The proposed development could attract several huge events such as state competitions, Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball (QISSN), Northern University Games, Vicki Wilson Cup and the Queensland Cup.

It could also accommodate various local events like Fast Five, and programs for older participants, and mums and bubs.

Although Rockhampton has hosted QISSN previously, Ms Dwyer said the competition organisers made it clear they weren't going to return until facilities were upgraded.

"We've missed out on so many events and opportunities just because our facilities weren't up to the basic standard required,” she said.

The stadium comes with a $25 million price tag, but Ms Dwyer said this would allow full air conditioning and a mezzanine function room.

Ms Dwyer said there have been higher engineering costs associated with flood-proofing the development.

Additionally, the $25 million cost would also allow for off-street parking, which would come as a relief to both players and local residents.

The netball association has spoken with Capricornia MP Michelle Landry, Rockhampton MP Barry O'Rourke and the council about the proposal.

The Jardine Park stadium would be part of Gavin Shuker's Sports and Entertainment Precinct proposal.

Ms Dwyer said there were huge benefits to grouping a mix of sports together, including the ability to host even more diverse events.

"I think the precinct ideas is a great opportunity for all of Rockhampton to get improved facilities for a multitude of sports,” he said.

"We're aware that outdoor recreation and physical movement is becoming a high priority and rocky really needs the facilities for that.

"I think it's hugely important we give those opportunities for everyone in the community.”