Rex works on cleaning his teeth.
Rex works on cleaning his teeth. Rob Williams

REVEALED: Top dog and cat breeds and names

QUEENSLAND'S favourite pet breeds and names have been revealed by RACQ, with small dogs named Charlie most common.

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said 87 percent of policies in the last 12 months were taken out for dogs, and the Maltese Cross topped the list.

"While the Maltese Cross won the popularity contest, it was a dog fight for the silver medal with the Cavoodle, Border Collie, Labrador and Staffordshire Bull Terrier almost tied for the position," Ms Hunter said.

"For those cat lovers, the Domestic Shorthaired is the most popular breed - insured four times more than the second placed Ragdoll.

"The Domestic Medium Haired, Tabby and Burmese round out the top five."

Ms Hunter said the data gave an interesting insight into what names pets were given.

"You're most likely to hear a dog owner call out the name 'Charlie' followed by 'Bella', 'Ruby', 'Max' and 'Molly'," she said.

"For cats, 'Luna' is the most popular name followed by 'Bella', 'Milo', 'Frankie' and 'Oscar'."

Ms Hunter said no matter the name or breed of the animal, it was important owners considered whether they needed pet insurance.

"Insurance is all about protection from risk and the unpredictable, and when it comes to pets, unpredictability comes with the territory," she said.

"Most pet insurance claims we receive are in the first five years of the animal's life, which goes to show, it's important to have a plan in place to manage those unexpected expenses you could face."