DOG ATTACK: TJ the cat was reportedly attacked by two dogs in Summit View this morning.
DOG ATTACK: TJ the cat was reportedly attacked by two dogs in Summit View this morning. Hannah George

'Ripped to pieces': Family pet mauled in backyard attack

IMAGINE being woken by the sound of your family cat being mauled to death in your own backyard.

That was the reality for Summer View resident Hannah George on Monday morning when her family's 14-year-old cat, TJ, was reportedly attacked by two dogs.

"This morning (Monday) at 6.30am I woke up, I heard running past my window and I knew it was dogs after my cat," she said.

"I looked out the window and they (two dogs) were up in the garden and they were mauling her, ripping her to pieces."

When the dogs wouldn't leave their property two hours after the attack, Miss George called police who then contacted South Burnett Regional Council.

"The man from council said they are now declared as dangerous dogs."

This is the first time since moving into their home three years ago that the family have had any issues having an outdoor cat, who was always in the house, in a neighbourhood with many dogs.

"We used to live out of town and I have seen her take on foxes," Miss George said.

"She is a good fighter and she definitely fought to the end."

Miss George wants this to be a reminder to the community to be aware of their pets and dogs in the area.

"I don't want to put a bad name on certain breeds of dogs but it is a bit of a worry especially with kids around," Miss George said.

"We have kids next door who usually bring the scraps over for the chickens and anything could have happened.

"When you see any size dog roaming the streets, be careful."

The South Burnett Regional Council has general advice on its website in regards to dog attacks. 

"All dog owners hope their pet won't show aggression towards other animals or people, but it can and does happen for many reasons," the council states on its website. 

"Pet owners are responsible and legally liable for the actions of their animals. 

"We are all aware of the need to protect our community from the danger and fear of dog attacks. 

"People have a right to feel safe in the community and it is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure the protection of others and to keep public areas safe for people to enjoy. 

"Once a dog has attacked or caused fear Council may declare the animal as Dangerous or Menacing Dog and the owner will have to comply with the special conditions listed in the Legislation." 

Kingaroy Police and South Burnett Regional Council have been contacted for comment.