ELECTION PITCHES: Hear the final pitches from Rockhampton and Keppel candidates as they via for your vote on Saturday.
ELECTION PITCHES: Hear the final pitches from Rockhampton and Keppel candidates as they via for your vote on Saturday. Contributed

Rockhampton and Keppel candidates make their final pitches

WITH democracy sausages not far away from barbecues throughout Rockhampton and Keppel, today is the candidates' last opportunity to win your heart and win your vote.

The Morning Bulletin has approached each candidate to ask them to make their final pitch to voters in 150 words or less with a special request - no sledging.



Margaret Strelow - Independent:

Mayor Margaret Strelow talks about the Adani forum and her expression of interest for the ALP preselection of the seat of Rockhampton.
Independent candidate for Rockhampton Margaret Strelow. Chris Ison ROK111017cadani1

My passion and commitment to the city of Rockhampton and to the Gracemere community is well known and I have a proven track record of delivering. As an independent I will be able put Rocky's interests first. So much of what we need to do as a community is a blend of the efforts of both council and state government. Over the past few years in my role as mayor of Rockhampton Regional Council I have focused on renewing and reinvigorating this grand city. We set up Gracemere as an ideal place to grow a family and there is now industrial land ready to go. I will lobby for a high school for Gracemere, for Rookwood Weir, for levee banks. We need to see Browne Park expanded and Lawrie Street fixed. I can be our strong voice for you inside parliament and outside the mainstream parties.

Barry O'Rourke - Labor:

Labour preselection candidate for the seat of Rockhampton, Barry O'Rourke.
Labour candidate for the seat of Rockhampton, Barry O'Rourke. Chris Ison ROK171017cpreselectio

Rocky is in the box seat to decide who'll be Premier. The choice: stability under a Palaszczuk Labor Government or cuts and chaos under Tim Nicholls and One Nation. The fate of Queensland is on Rocky's shoulders. If Labor loses Rocky, Tim Nicholls will be Premier. As Campbell Newman's Treasurer, Nicholls sacked 14, 000 public servants and front-line workers, teachers, police, and paramedics. The LNP made unemployment spike in Rocky, ruined businesses and left hard working families homeless. Independents can't deliver stable government. I have a positive plan for jobs, our community, health and education, and am committed to work with all levels of government. Labor will upgrade Browne Park, bid to bring a V8 Supercars race here, build a $10 million manufacturing hub, upgrade schools, employ another 140 nurses and midwives, and continue planning for the Rookwood Weir. I will always put Rockhampton first.

Kate Giamarelos - Greens:

I believe Rockhampton is at a real crossroads and the choices are clear; we can go down the road of taxpayers funding billion dollar mining corporations, or we can ditch this tired habit once and for all. We plan to take full advantage of our resources and ensure the community gets back what they deserve. We have a fully costed plan to raise royalty rates from the current 7% to 18.75% and roll back corporate welfare. Our Infrastructure Bank policy will add $10b over 5 years back into the regions to fund essential infrastructure such as the Gracemere high school, expansions to the Base Hospital and other essential services. Finally, we plan to end the campaign of privatisation of power which driven power prices up and up; eliminate price gouging and save Queenslanders $600/yr on their bills. This essential service belongs in the hands of the people.

Wade Rothery - One Nation:


DIRTY TACTICS: One Nation's Rockhampton candidate Wade Rothery said there has been a concerted effort to derail his election campaign.
One Nation's Rockhampton candidate Wade Rothery with party leader Senator Pauline Hanson. Contributed

Most people have decided they don't want to see a return to the two tired old parties. We've got two Labor candidates who want to shut down coal mines and sacrifice our region to the Green vote by implementing a 50% renewable energy target driving up power prices. The LNP have failed farmers in this region when they were prepared to forego property rights in Marlborough and sell their land to the Singaporean army. It's called being complicit and only One Nation had the guts to stand up for these people and put a stop to it. Will you support the same old parties who have forced our region into the toughest economic climate we've faced in decades or will you give a fresh faced, enthusiastic 40 year old local a go? It's time Rockhampton holds the balance of power and only One Nation can deliver that very rare opportunity.

Douglas Rodgers - LNP:


Douglas Rodgers
Rockhampton LNP candidate Douglas Rodgers. Contributed

Central Queenslanders have a real opportunity to choose their fate and the fate of millions of Queenslanders on Saturday. Central Queensland is poised to decide the next government of Queensland and as a proud Central Queenslander that excites me. CQ has a real choice between the status quo that has failed to deliver the jobs and investment this region needs or for change. The LNP has a clear plan to deliver infrastructure and jobs through projects like Rookwood Weir and through policies that reduce the tax burden on families and businesses. Vote for real change in CQ, Vote 1 Douglas Rodgers.


Matt Loth - One Nation:


One Nation candidate for the seat of Keppel Matt Loth
One Nation candidate for Keppel Matt Loth Trish Bowman

I'm looking forward to Saturday polling day. It truly will be a big day with an unknown result up until the last vote is counted. I'm a born and bred local who's passionate about this region that's why I've become a candidate. I'll be fighting to create a brighter future in Keppel for the next generation and the ones after. I support an integrated gaming license for GKI, an all-tide access boat ramp for Emu Park, dredging of the Causeway Lake, flashing school lights for the schools in our region, a northern access highway north of Yeppoon, water security such as the Rookwood Weir and a new coal fired power station in North Queensland. Thank you everyone for your ongoing support throughout this campaign. I am humbled and no words could ever describe the gratitude I have for all my volunteers and supporters.

Clancy Mullbrick - Greens:


Greens candidate Clancy Mullbrick
Greens candidate for Keppel Clancy Mullbrick

The Greens and I will stand against corruption in Queensland and multi-national mining corporations and major developers will pay their fair share. Every Queenslander has a right to access to well-funded, quality education, a fulfilling job, healthcare, and affordable housing. The Greens will establish a Queensland Housing Trust to build 200,000 affordable social homes over the next 10 years funded through low interest government bonds and ultimately self-funding. The Greens will invest $15 billion in Queensland over the next 5 years to build publicly-owned clean energy and storage; creating 5,000 jobs every year. Likewise I will encourage the local industrial focus towards attracting high value, innovative, eco-sustainable and hi tech business. The Keppel region is a spectacular place and nature based tourism should be on show in our region. If elected I will rescind the current lease on Great Keppel Island. I will reallocate the lease to focus on getting eco, family friendly infrastructure built ASAP.

Brittany Lauga - Labor:


ALP candidate Brittany Lauga
Labor candidate for Keppel Brittany Lauga Trish Bowman

Only Labor has a plan to invest in the doctors, nurses, midwives and ambulance officers to ensure Keppel has the first-class health services its people need and deserve. Only Labor has a plan to employ additional teachers at our local schools to ensure Keppel's kids get the very best start in life. And only Labor is committed to programs like Skilling Queenslanders for Work, Back to Work and Works for Queensland that are creating jobs and enhancing our community. Since I was elected in 2015 I have made sure that Keppel always gets its fair share and that the issues that really matter in the electorate are top of the government's agenda. That's how I secured $29 million for the Yeppoon Foreshore and Town Centre Revitalisation Project and $25 million for the infrastructure Great Keppel Island needs to realise its tourism potential. No-one will work harder for Keppel, that is my guarantee.

Peter Blundell - LNP:


FRENCHVILLE INFRASTRUCTURE: LNP Candidate Peter Blundell has plans to fix the traffic congestion in front of Frenchville School.
Keppel's LNP candidate Peter Blundell. Leighton Smith

The electorate of Keppel deserves a powerful voice in parliament that puts the interests of our community first. I will be that voice and won't be afraid to ruffle feathers to get what this region so desperately needs. Whether it's finding a solution for Frenchville traffic congestion or providing certainty on projects like GKI and Adani. My commitment to region-building projects like Rookwood Weir, mining and resort redevelopment will drive employment and put Keppel back on track. I back the reintroduction of the $500million Royalties for Regions, which will fund upgrades to Cooee Bay Aquatic Centre, new recreational boat ramps and much-needed sporting infrastructure. We will put agriculture at the forefront of investment to allow job creation and diversification throughout the Capricorn Coast. An elected LNP government will also freeze rego and tackle rising power costs to ease pressure on family and business, putting people before ideology.