Rockhampton named in state's top 10 fast food hotspots

ROCKHAMPTON has one of the state's highest concentrations of fast food restaurants per capita, according to new figures detailing Queensland's fast food hotspots.

The Rockhampton Regional Council region is the eighth worst region for fast food access in Queensland, with 37 outlets - one for every 3,037 people.

Heart Foundation Queensland Health Director Rachelle Foreman said the organisation was concerned about the prevalence of fast food restaurants.

The research looked at 11 major fast food chains in 34 of the state's most populous local government areas.

Ms Foreman said research shows the average Queenslander eats out four times a week, mainly at fast food chains and it's contributing to Queensland's obesity epidemic.

"Around 65 per cent of people in Rockhampton Regional Council region are overweight or obese, yet there are 37 major fast food outlets in the region," she said.

"We need to reduce the ready availability of junk food and increase the availability of healthy food options which better support local growers at the same time."

Meanwhile, another survey has found Australians are the fourth fattest country behind the USA, Mexico and New Zealand.

A study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found a hefty 28.3 per cent of Aussie adults are obese.


  • Central Highlands is the fast food capital of Queensland, with 12 outlets in total, or one outlet for every 2,461 people .
  • Brisbane, with 359 outlets, had one outlet per 3,035 people which placed it 7th out of 34 councils.
  • The tourist meccas of the Gold Coast (3rd place), Whitsunday (5th place) and Cairns (11th place) are also fast food meccas.
  • Somerset, with two outlets for its 22,000 residents, has the lowest density of fast food restaurants.