Rockhampton region sport results for August 9-16

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Bowls Friday

Golf Friday


Indoor Bowls

Rugby League




Inline Hockey

bowls Rob Wright


Emu Park

Ladies, August 7

President Lois would like to thank all who made her day such a success.

Competition, August 21, at 9am

Vet Singles J. Knox v J. Dennis (marker TBA)

At 1pm, Vet Pairs R. Argall/G. Murdoch v J.A.Smith/J. Knox. Please check the board for any changes.

August 6, Men's

Winners B. Fisher, G. Van Latham, R. Dunn, 2 T. Porteous, R. Johnstone, R. Whitney, 3 G. Searle, G. Arkell, J. Dubczyk.


Capricornia Veterans

Open Draw, August 20

No. 1 tee: 7am Alison Ramm */Elaine Clark */Carol Christensen/Merle Horan; 7.08am Trent Hill/Adrian Serra/George Christensen/John Sayers; 7.16am Barry Dooley/Barry Butterfield/Donald Butterfield/David Fredriksen; 7.24am David Bock/Maurice Brown/Geoff Grist/Campbell Macrae; 7.32am Nola Cowie */Glenys Spelleken */Judy Mansfield/Diane Van Eldik; 7.40am John Aitken/Alan Mansfield/Les Allen/David Williamson; 7.48am Chris Ede/David Wilson/Keith Stone/Bevin Glynn; 7.56am Jo-Ann Knight */Lorraine Schlegel */Elaine Kerr*/Christine Algie *; 8.04am Trudie Lawes/June Bulger/Valda Fitzgerald */Glenda Aitken *; 8.12am Terry Foale/Max McDonald/Ron Milnes/Don Ney; 8.20am Colleen Oates/Marilyn Foale/Carol Ney/Maureen McKinlay; 8.28am Merilyn Olzard/Dianne Shadlow/Isobel McDonald/Claire Hanson; 8.36am Arnold Olzard/Peter Oates/Barry Hanson/James Shadlow.

No. 10 tee:

7am John Dobbin */Alwyn Yearby */John Anderson */Paul Khoo *; 7.08am Glen Chopping */Trevor Marsden */Harold Gill */Laurie McMicking*; 7.16am John Conway */Ken Gillespie */Col McKendry */Graeme Smith *; 7.24am Trevor Pitcher */Eddie Brown */Len Mackenzie */Clive Eaton *; 7.32am Stan Ottaway */Cliff Walker */Eric Collins */Barry Barnett *; 7.40am Alby Knight */Dave Matson */Ray Bianchi */Bill Dreier *; 7.48am Jan Boontjes/Annie Boontjes/Noel McNamara/Wendy McNamara; 7.56am Gayle Field */Kay Glynn */Delroi Bolger */Barbara O'Brien *; 8.04am Bernie Machen */Dell Machen */Keh Khor/Penny Khor; 8.12am Charlie Sutton */David Barney */Allan Kerr */Allan Algie *; 8.20am Ralph Brown */Coral Brown */Wayne Porter */Shirley Porter*; 8.28am Ted Kay */Helen Ross */Frank Gill */Lola Heilbronn *.

No. 1 tee:

11am Gavin Jensen/Brian Smith/John Archibald/Dave Burns; 11.08am Tony Taylor/Rud Smith/John Bloem/Alan Dwyer; 11.16am Elaine Archibald/Joy Willey/Christine Bloem/Lesley McCashney; 11.24am Virginia Urmston/Jan Johnson/Judy Lindsay/Jennifer Leyden; 11.32am Peter McCashney/Kai George/Bob Blair/Greg Allen; 11.40am Greg Kent/Col Lindsay/Sergio Sotelo/Alan Taylor; 11.48am Terry Bulger/Murray West/Grahame George/Garry Richardson; 11.56am Graham Saunders/Melvyn Howe/Dale Perrins/Keith Miller; 12.04pm Susan Hey */Virginia Dutson */Mary Willis */Lyndee Bollington */12.12pm Alice O'Connell/Trish George/Carol Parsons/Sue Horton; 12.20pm Kathy McDonnell/Sheryl Bramley/Maisie Fogarty/Shirley Rogers; 12.28pm Terry Rapley/Colin Bates/Eric Hudson/Gary Craig; 12.36pm Penny Hudso/Judy Visentin/Lynne Rapley/Patricia Young.

No.10 tee:

11am Perry Pyke */Barry Tryhorn */Aln Chambers/Ray Roberts; 11.08am Lester Perkins */Shane Taylor */Barry Lacey */Peter Dawson *; 11.16am Trevor Topper */Allen Hunt */Trevor Gladwin/Vic Aanensen; 11.24am Greg Gallagher/Barry Urmston/Rob Heaney/Ian Johnson; 1.32am Graham Lohse */ Jenny Lohse */Ian Hill */Colleen Hill *; 11.40am Kerry Aanensen/Kathleen Kent/Diane Miller/Desley Bartels-Heaney; 11.48am Bill Davern/Kristine Davern/Peter Corke */Halina Beale *; 11.56am Kerry Gallagher/Christine Maher//Wendy Sturwohld/Frances Lacey; 12.04pm Derek Napier */Terry Dutson */Ross Sturwohld/Trevor Renata; 12.12pm Col Horton/Mikko Puro/Ian Smallwood/Geoff Bramley; 12.20pm Ken Rogers/Bob Visentin/Ron Maher/Aarre Puolakka; 12.28pm Leone Burton/Helen Robinson/Deborah Carige/Nancy Connolly.





Master Fours, August 5-6

1 T.Sciani/M.Wilson/R.Wass/J.Strohfeldt, 2 M.Goldby/M.Hall/A.Vaughan/J.Hansen, 3 D Mills/G.Capell/P.McGovern/G.McCrory, 4 J.Adams/S.Simpson/ L.Young/E.Batts, 5 F.Craig/J.Evans/L.Dougan/J.Stevens.

There will be no cards on August 19 at Diggers, due to Pennants being played.

Cards on September 16, at 12pm.

There will be no catering for lunches at Diggers during Pennants.



Gracemere Veterans

18 hole Monthly Medal, August 14

Winner R Weston with 65 net, r/up T Blanch and J Kerr both with 66. Rundowns K Chadwick 71, W Dreier 72, M Richards 73, D Wilson 74, K Wolff 74, C Luckell 74, Pin shots Hole No 7 R Weston, Hole No9 D Reay, Hole 16 J Wastell Hole No 18 J Wastell Captain Shot W Towns, Least Putts W Towns with 26.

The game next Wednesday will be 13 hole Stableford, at 8am.



Meeting, August 14

Race 1 Maiden 407m

1st Miss Australia (A Suli) $4.80

2nd Cut Out Pass (G Miggins)

3rd Heffner (M Lutter)

Margins 3.25 x neck time 23.77

Race 2 RQ Maiden 1000 final 407m

1st Origin Fever (D Taylor) $15.80

2nd Cosmic Waters (D Taylor)

3rd Aluminater (C Pollard)

Margins 2 x 5.25 time 23.48

Race 3 5th Grade 407m

1st Webb (G Miggins) $2.80

2nd Bo Jess (A Harker)

3rd Roar Power (R Young)

Margins 1.5 x head time 23.98

Race 4 4th / 5th Grade 407m

1st Shadow Banker (J Kuhl) $4.80

2nd Tarawi April (A Svensen)

3rd Farmor Classic (J Miggins)

Margins 1.25 x head time 23.82

Race 5 4th Grade 407m

1st Swagman Spies (A Suli) $16.10

2nd Alana Vale (G Miggins)

3rd Quasi (D Beckett)

Margins 1.25 x 5.75 time 23.68

Race 6 5th Grade 510m

1st Coin of Phrase (D Beckett) $1.50

2nd Hardy Catch (N Jackson)

3rd Turtle Express (A Svensen)

Margins 8.25 x 3.75 time 29.44

Race 7 5th Grade 510m

1st Little Bomber (J Kuhl) $7.30

2nd Madam Abbey (G Miggins)

3rd Petal Picken (N Jackson)

Margins 1.25 x 11.5 time 30.27

Race 8 3rd / 4th Grade 510m

1st Ruby Gaga (G Weeding) $11.00

2nd Sweet Beth (J Miggins)

3rd Spring Money (D Beckett)

Margins 1 x 1.25 time 30.05

Race 9 best 8 407m

1st Custom Idea (L Isles) $3.30

2nd Pretty Peggy Sue (D Taylor)

3rd Spring Impact (M Brider)

Margins nose x 2.25 time 23.66

Race 10 5th Grade 407m

1st Tarawi Grace (A Svensen) $2.80

2nd Sundance Swinger (G Miggins)

3rd Sweet Allira (B Hall)

Margins 1.75 x 1.75 time 23.65.

Inline Hockey
Inline Hockey

Inline Hockey

Rocky Skate Club

At Exhibition Pavilion, Rockhampton Showgrounds on Wednesday 14 August were:


Gold 9 (B Robinson 4G, 1A; H Pailthorpe 2G, 3A; J Kruger 1G, 1A) def Red 6 (M Pailthorpe 3G; L Greening 2G, 1A; C Baker 1G, 1A).

Goalkeepers: M Scott 92.3%; A Scott 42.9%

Senior B:

Red 4 (J Dalton 4G; C Brazier 2A; R Ray 1A) tied with Gold 4 (L Wells 3G; D Gudmann 1G).

Goalkeepers: M Russell 87.5%; M Scott 85.1%

Senior A:

Red 12 (S Russell 4G, 2A; K O'Brien 4G; M Russell 3G, 3A; J Brazier 1G) def Gold 6 (L Greening 2G; M Pailthorpe

1G; A Blines 1G; H Pailthorpe 1G; J Downer 1G).

Goalkeepers: D Rouget 76%; J Kruger 69.2%

Next training: Sunday 18 August Juniors, Intermediates, Senior B 1:30-3:00pm; Senior A 4:00-5:30pm.

Next fixtures: Sunday 18 August Juniors 3:00pm; Wednesday 21 August Intermediates 6:00pm, Senior B 7:00pm, Senior A 8:00pm.

Details are listed on the web site -

The state Pennants finals for division four were contested at Kingscliff Bowls Club over the weekend. Photo Blainey Woodham / Tweed Daily News
Lawn bowls Blainey Woodham


North Rockhampton Bowls Club

Central Queensland District's Annual Fred Harrumph Memorial Shield, August 10-11

The event is open to all bowls clubs affiliated with the Central Queensland body and is held at the venue of the club winning the previous year.

Round one on Saturday morning saw North Rockhampton defeat Diggers, Rockhampton defeated QRI and Yeppoon were too strong for Emu Park with Victoria Park having a morning bye.

The afternoon matches featured North Rockhampton being in control over Rockhampton and Yeppoon comfortable winners over Victoria Park.

This left the final on Sunday to be played between the holders North Rockhampton and a strong Yeppoon outfit. North Rockhampton were too strong on the day winning both the singles and pairs with Yeppoon taking the fours by just one shot.

This leaves North Rockhampton with bragging rights and the honour of hosting next year's event.

Victoria Park

Social bowls Wednesday and Saturday, 1pm

Ladies Day, Thursday men invited at 1pm.

Friday night draw is $372.

Competition, August 17, 9am

Dist.Singles Final F.Carrington v F.Passmore.

Open Singles M.Graham v I.Meachem; B.Roots v J.Dallow.

At 1pm, Mixed Fours.K.West/M.Graham/L.Tomkins/F.Carrington v B.Passmore/A.Player/B.Mitchell/F.Passmore.

August 18, 9am, Handicap Singles

B.Roots v F.Carrington; F.Passmore v M.Graham.


Indoor Bowls


August 7, Denise Bean, Lorraine Jones, Margaret Payne, Vi Robson, Eileen Yumm. 13-9, 14-5, 12-12.

August 9, Tony Bean, Harold Hansen, Gloria Trustrum, Michelle Mathieson, Brian McPherson. 22-9, 10-6, 20-5.

August 11, Sandy Warren, Mary Williams, Vi Robson, Bob Jocumsen, Betty Hawke, Anne Allison. 12-10, 16-8, 15-10. Joan loram, Sheila Butcher, Arthur Muir, Pat Whitburn, Peter Cuttress. 18-3, 10-10, 12-11.

Capras player Brent Crisp in the QRL game against Sunshine Coast at Browne Park. Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Capras player Brent Crisp Chris Ison

Rugby League

Intrust Super Cup

Round 21, August 10-11,

Souths Logan Magpies 22 (Luke Archer, Ben Cronin, Travis Waddell, Andrew Edwards tries; Nick Doyle 3 goals) def Mackay Cutters 12 (Anthony Mitchell, Michael Morgan tries; Liam Taylor 2 goals) at Virgin Australia Stadium.

Easts Tigers 50 (Cody Walker 2, Ben Hampton 2, Jacob Paul, Shane Neumann, Maeli Seve, Tom Butterfield, Tim Glasby tries; Cody Walker 7 goals) def Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles 10 (Rowan Klein, Dale Middleton tries; Ryan Hansen goal) at Langlands Park.

Wynnum Manly Seagulls 34 (Jason Moon 2, Corey Norman, Jake Granville, John Te Reo, Matt Seamark tries; Matt Seamark 5 goals) def CQ Capras 18 (Guy Williams, Dean Blackman, Sam Pierce tries; Brent Crisp 3 goals) at BMD Kougari Oval. Read more about this game here>

Norths Devils 31 (Daniel Ogden, Dylan Galloway, Namila Davui, Tristan Lumley, Matt Smith, Angus Cameron tries; Angus Cameron 3 goals; Matt Smith field goal) def Tweed Heads Seagulls 30 (Blake Anderson 2, Tom Merritt, Marmin Barba, Aaron Cannings, Chris Binge tries; Marmin Barba 3 goals) at Piggabeen Sports.