Ethan Alder turns to Centrelink after being unable to return to work.
Ethan Alder turns to Centrelink after being unable to return to work.

Rocky Centrelink busy as MyGov site crashes

AFTER the MyGov website crashed this morning, Rockhampton Centrelink on Musgrave Road saw a steady flow of people of all kinds through its doors, all of them trying to secure some financial support.

Ethan Alder headed in at midday, after spending 2 hours on the phone and getting nowhere.

“I couldn’t get on the website this morning. I called for 2 hours straight and it just kept saying ‘busy, call back’, so yeah I thought I’d just come in,” he said.

Mr Alder was ready to return to work as a retail worker, after being off sick for a while, but has been unable to due to the impact of COVID-19 shutting down his workplace.

“They’ve got no business so there’s no reason to go back, so I’m just trying to get the Newstart Allowance,” he said.

Rockhampton mum Holly left the building stressed and worried for her newborn.

“It’s scary. I walked in and I cried because it’s just so overwhelming,” she said.

Her partner was recently made redundant, leaving their little family without an income.

Now, Holly said she is preparing to look after their 4-week-old son alone as her partner leaves to find work in the mining sector.

“He’s probably going to have to go out to the mines and find work and be away from us,” she said.

For many like Holly, the timing of this pandemic couldn’t be worse.

One man, who preferred to remain anonymous, said he was due to begin a new job this week, but is now unable to.

“I lost my job a while back and then I had a new job to go to but now I’m locked out cause of the virus,” he said.

“I have no income whatsoever and I’m going through a separation at the same time so no help with the mortgage. So, I need to do something real quick. I’ve never been on the doll before.”

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