Rockhampton show split Margaret Strelow
Rockhampton show split Margaret Strelow Harry Bruce

Rocky Council steps in to fix split show fiasco

THE 2019 Rockhampton Show will be run by an interim committee after the two major stakeholders in the event failed to negotiate an agreement following this year's split-show fiasco.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow announced the move today saying council had been forced to act.

"There's been no satisfactory resolution between the Showman's Guild and the Show Society, and we cannot allow this to happen another year," Mayor Strelow said.

"The damage to our reputation and our economy and the loss to individual stallholders because of this year's split Show will take its toll for some time."

A dispute over the proposal to move the woodchopping arena at this year's Rockhampton Agriculture Show was blamed as the catalyst for two separate shows being held at the same time on either side of the river.

Cr Sterlow said the community wanted the show to return as a combined event with sideshow alley back at the showgrounds.

"People want to see animals, handicraft, the rides, the show bags and all of the 'fun of the fair' together in one spot," Cr Strelow said.

"Council will establish an interim committee charged with delivering the 2019 Rockhampton Show and while there are many fine details to be resolved, it is our intention that this interim committee will facilitate the establishment of a new Show Society.

"The Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies has also indicated that they will assist with workshops to ensure that the Rockhampton Show continues to take its right of place as one of the greatest agricultural shows in Central Queensland."

More to follow.