SCARY CHALLENGE: Adrian Charles aims to ride a bucking bull at the Great Western Hotel.
SCARY CHALLENGE: Adrian Charles aims to ride a bucking bull at the Great Western Hotel. Jann Houley

Rocky dad to jump on the back of a bull for the first time

ADRIAN Charles has been down the dark road of depression and now he plans to buck it - quite literally.

The Rockhampton man will attempt to ride a bucking bull for the first time next month in an effort to raise money for the Black Dog Ball.

The annual prestigious event is being held at the Great Western Hotel in October and Mr Charles, 37, wanted to do something to help.

He knows the struggles of mental health and depression and has lost a close friend to it.

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"I have had some rough times and know how fast depression can take hold,” he said.

By getting help, talking to doctors and others about it and "not bottling it up”, Mr Charles is coming out the other side with a smile on his face.

"With males we have always been bought up to not say anything about our feelings ... people need to start talking about their feelings,” he said.

While he has never stepped on the back of a bull, he has watched it over the years and even worked at the pub back when he was younger.

He has now even roped in a friend, Nichole Scott, to do a bull ride on the night as well.

"It's going to be fun but I'm scared at the same time,” he said, "The best advice I have been given is once you hit the ground to run.”

Mr Charles has three young children and while his youngest is a bit scared, his eldest thinks it's great and this is another reason he wants to get involved - to be a strong role model for his children.

Mr Charles works as a delivery driver and has already received strong support from customers.

The night will include a multi-draw raffle and Mr Charles is taking donations from businesses for prizes.

Taking the next step, he also has plans to study mental health and peer support next semester.

"I know what they have gone through, I have been to the final step but I was lucky enough to be saved ... if I am this lucky I may as well help others,” he said.


  • Search 'Buck the black dog' on to donate
  • Event on facebook
  • Bull ride on September 20, Great Western Hotel
  • Accepting donations for a multi draw raffle
  • Raising money for the Black Dog Ball
  • Black Dog Ball on October 12, visit for tickets