ENTREPRENEUR: Groom Barbershop owner Miguel Krzywdzinski's business is booming. INSET: DJ Miguel in action.
ENTREPRENEUR: Groom Barbershop owner Miguel Krzywdzinski's business is booming. INSET: DJ Miguel in action. Bonnie Cheung

Cutting edge: Barber by day, dj by night

CLIPPERS in one hand, decks in tow, Miguel Krzywdzinski's successful fingers work around the clock.

He is a hard-working Rockhampton entrepreneur who has never let his vision slip out of his sights.

At just 23, only 14 months ago, he pulled off a masterstroke, opening Groom Barbershop on Gladstone Road - which - by all accounts was a risky move.

Now he has an apprentice and two other barbers capturing an audience of over 100 regular weekly clients.

Miguel racks up 60-plus hour weeks, dedicating himself to his craft, and pops up from time to time at Rocky hotspots, belting out the bangers.

Pausing to step away from his shop despite a steady flow of customers, Miguel spoke with passion about his business and the ever-evolving industry.

"I started out doing hairdressing, it was a time where dudes and barbershops weren't accepted like they are today," Miguel, now 24, said.

"I would hand out my resume and no one would call me back. But I eventually got a start at Stefans where I began my apprenticeship.

"Then moved on to Barber's Arms for six months. Then I moved to Hairmoda where I learned so much about business life and cutting hair."

Something for Miguel was missing though - he knew he had to be his own man. Next on cue was Groom.

"I had my plan in my head and bought this building... I had the clientele already and knew what to do," he said.

"The whole time I was an apprentice I knew I would open up my own shop, I just didn't know it would be barbering. When it all clicked I knew there was a market for it in Rocky."

Being a bold man exuding a rare confidence, Miguel's plans for the future have only heightened.

He is quietly setting stones in place, waiting for the ripples.

"My end goal is to have five ships scattered throughout this region, I want to be able to cater for everyone," she enthused.

"Rocky, Yeppoon, Gladstone, Mackay, there is so much potential here. It would be a five or 10 year plan, but I will make it happen.

"Being an impatient person, I want things to happen straight away, that is the only thing that really stresses me out about it all."

When he's not style his heads of hair, Miguel is cutting tune after tune.

Today it is more of a side-gig, a bit of fun, but there was a time he wanted that glamour lifestyle.

"I tried to pursue it when I was younger but it didn't really happen for me," he recalled.

"Then me and my brother went away with Your Shot and it really helped.

"I came back and ended up branching out on my own. I love it. It is just a great rush to play in front of people.

"I play RnB and hip hop mainly, I think I can progress more in that area."

You can catch Miguel do his thing at the Kalka Shades Hotel tonight.