Baron Large shows how close flood water came to his North Rockhampton home.
Baron Large shows how close flood water came to his North Rockhampton home. Allan Reinikka ROK110417alarge2

Rocky flood victims' unexpected surprise

THEY were prepared for the worst flood they had seen at their home in the 44.5 years they have lived next door to Moores Creek.

But amazingly, the water was metres away from the past two floods.

Baron and Lindy Large have lived in their Burnett St home since September 2, 1972.

They've painted a mark on their driveway to show where the flood waters reached during the 2011 (9.2 metres) and 2015 floods (flash flooding from Cyclone Marcia).

And due to the early forecast of a 9.4 metre peak in the Fitzroy at Rockhampton, the couple did more preparation work this time by relocating everything they had in their rumpus room to higher drier locations.

Baron said they usually sandbag, but their panic button was pushed and they shifted furniture and white goods before the peak.

"We had people telling us it would come up under our floorboards,” he said.

Lindy said during the 2011 flood, they were trapped in their home for a week, having parked their vehicles on Elphinstone St and accessing them by walking through flood waters in gumboots in their backyard and over into the neighbour's yard.

"The water lapped right up to the letter box,” she said.

But they were lucky this time - the flood water barely went over the gutter.

"Whatever the council has done with flood mitigation saved us this time,” Lindy said.

She said Rockhampton Deputy Mayor and Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) chairman councillor Tony Williams kept tabs on how they were going during this flood.

"We are very happy now,” Lindy said.

"We feel really safe now.”