Rocky headmaster reveals key to top NAPLAN results

ROCKHAMPTON Grammar School’s securing the title as one of the best NAPLAN performers in Queensland was the perfect way to end the school year for Dr Phillip Moulds.

In the past five years, the Rockhampton Grammar School had higher Year 5 yearly results than any other school in Queensland and higher Year 9 yearly results than any other school in the region.

The RGS scored an average of 2603.2 each year for Year 5 while the average yearly result for Year 9 was 2961.8

Dr Moulds, headmaster of the prestigious, historic school, said the pleasing results came down to students, teachers and parents working together to help kids learn.

“It is about what is happening in the classroom every day rather than preparation for NAPLAN,” Dr Moulds said.

“We do a lot of work in terms of individually focusing on student achievement and providing them help and support all the way through.”

Dr Moulds said the Year 9 results were particularly pleasing.

“We have a significant boarding intake in Year 7 and the growth of those students through Years 7, 8 and 9 is something that we take quite a lot of pride in,” he said.

“The background of some of those students that come in, they require a little bit of extra help at the start.”

He also highlighted reading as a key factor to student development.

“Reading is really important, and writing is really important, and you want students engaged in reading somehow,” he said.

“It doesn’t always have to be a novel, it could be a magazine or the paper. Everything they do really is predicated on the fact that they can read.”

With many parents preparing to enrol students in new schools in the new year, a school’s performance in NAPLAN testing is one factor parents may consider. But Dr Moulds said it should not be the only influence.

“I think it is something parents take some notice of but I don’t think it is the ultimate determining factor,” he said.

“When you are choosing schools, you are choosing the place that is going to nurture and develop your child.

“Both of my kids have gone through Grammar. I have a girl in Year 10 and a boy who has just finished Year 12 and I want for every kid at the school what I want for my own kids.

“I want them to be safe, happy, to really engage in their learning and do the best that they can in everything they undertake.”

Dr Moulds said the next focus would be OP results.

“It is nice to finish the year on a high and we have the OP results out next Saturday as well,” he said.

“The Year 12s performed really well and we are looking forward to their results coming out as well.”