’Rocky is a dying town’: Doblo’s words of warning

“ROCKY is a dying town” – those were the words of warning Rockhampton businessman Dominic Doblo had for his customers at his farmer’s market yesterday.

In the past week, the passionate fruiterer has sold 10,000 mangoes for 99 cents each which shows strong demand for the tropical fruit ahead of summer.

While he admitted to be in support of the Rockhampton Ring Road project, Mr Doblo posed the question: what is there for Rockhampton to thrive on into the future? His answer: agriculture.

Mr Doblo said there would be “unlimited potential” for mango exports to the Northern Hemisphere, especially during the Christmas and New Year period.

“We should get Michelle Landry to send some to Donald Trump,” he said.

But Mr Doblo still believes there’s only one thing that will make the dream a reality: a decent water supply thanks to the hypothetical Fitzroy Gap Dam.