BACHELOR NO.2: Beau Schmidt is looking to end his recent dry spell with the ladies.
BACHELOR NO.2: Beau Schmidt is looking to end his recent dry spell with the ladies. Contributed

BACH HUNT: Rocky larrikan looking for love

AMONGST the dry Central Queensland drought, Rockhampton security guard Beau Schmidt is also looking to end his dry spell.

After being single for the past two years, Beau, 19, is on the lookout for the one special lady to settle down with.

However, despite his love-lorn dreams of getting serious, Beau is renowned for cracking the odd joke and loves having a laugh with his mates.

His last relationship wasn't particularly long but he learnt a lot about himself after the split.

And in particular, that he is looking for someone on the sensitive side who appreciates his affectionate nature.

"I find I grow attached way too quickly which is my biggest problem," he said.

"I put my heart on the line and chase them away fairly quickly."

The sports-fan also plays Oztag and rugby league with the Norths Chargers, but was out this year with a knee injury.

He hopes to be back on the field next year.

The ideal woman for him is someone who shares his "questionable, darker sense of humour".

"I'd like someone who is funny and loves to have a drink," he said.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve and call things how I see it. I'm an open person.

Beau offers undying loyalty and reliability in relationships.

"I'm known amongst my mates for being loyal... I come through on my promises," he said.

Three words to describe Beau are "charismatic, fun and loving".

For him, the perfect date includes having a pub feed at the Cri and listening to local bands.

However, country music is off the cards.

While other locals his age are dreaming of jetting off to Paris, Beau is quite content just to settle down in Rocky.

Beau hopes to one-day achieve his dream of becoming a police officer to pursue his love of justice.

"Growing up I always had a thing where I've never been a fan of people stepping out of line," he said.