DESPITE a "torrid and often unpleasant campaign", Margaret Strelow was heartened by a message from a fellow candidate when the results rolled in.

Ms Strelow yesterday said Dominic Doblo offered her a "sincere congratulations" on Sunday morning.

"You will have nothing but support from me over the next four years," Mr Doblo wrote.

"When the money becomes available can your council consider the Botanic Gardens?"

Ms Strelow said this should be the model for how candidates, and the community, moved forward.

She claimed victory yesterday, despite closest competitor Michael McMillan still not having conceded.

Ms Strelow thanked all council and mayoral candidates.

"You are a key element in the democratic process and through our debate and our policies this community had the opportunity to consider options and alternatives," she said.

"It is clear that our community is blessed with many who care very deeply about it."

Ms Strelow said she was "deeply honoured" to serve the community for a further four years and thanked her supporters, particularly her immediate family, who helped her through the previous term and campaign.

While an official swearing-in date has not yet been set, Ms Strelow said it was time to get back to business.

"Things have been said, sides have been taken, all a legitimate part of a political process," she said.

"What is critical now is that we put aside the negativity and bitterness which has divided us and work together for a strong future which is our shared passion."

First priorities for the new term will be the budget and realignment of committees, as well as advancing the city's smart centre plan and the next stage of the riverbank redevelopment.